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The Carborundum Report

[For people new to the Castle, Carborundum is CW4(Ret) Bill T's Guardian Angel, who has suffered for decades, since Bill flew Hueys in Vietnam, trying to keep Tuttle and the people around him alive. Since Bill is back in Iraq, teaching the Iraqi Air Force how to fly, Carborundum was recalled from his comfortable retirement to make sure the Castle doesn't lose it's funniest resident. So he periodically checks in with us, to keep us abreast of what Bill's up to. - the Armorer]

Greetings, mortals. Just checking in to let you know we haven't lost a GA all week, despite Tuttle's best efforts. The Surge really is working! Not that it's all manna and ambrosia, of course. I begin to suspect that T'u T'il means "come here, sandstorm" in the language of the djinn. And these misguided humans are *paying* him to corrupt the young! You'd think they would learn, or at least read the file that's thicker than the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary *before* hiring him. And why is it he always ends up in horrible climates? The jungle bottom-of-the-aquarium experience was bad enough (feather mites, and if I didn't air out my wings, mold) but here we get vast quantities of very fine, very sharp dust that gets down in my pinfeathers and itches like you would not believe.

And if all that wasn't enough, ANGCOM has been seized with a fit of just in time/ efficiency nonsense. Maybe there are GAs that get to think about what to do before their human gets in trouble, but this detail is ALWAYS "just in time". Fortunately. There were a few close calls, like the beer/spider/water buffalo incident, but we pulled through. With losses. So now they want us to analyze our response patterns to see if there is anything we can do to improve efficiency. I had lots of ideas, and they shredded every single one of them. Even keeping Tuttle in a body cast. The one idea I had that *did* improve our efficiency I can't tell them about--creating "pre-filled" AAR forms for recurring incidents. I've even got sub-categories for "Helicopter, malfunction, life-threatening" and "Helicopter, impact, in flight". No, ANGCOM doesn't know and doesn't need to. What they NEED is Good Idea Fairy repellent.


Hey SugarButtons! Nice to hear from ya, even if it is via proxy.