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Internet snipe hunt

Okay, let's have an internet snipe hunt.

Sailors will have a possible advantage here.

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Larger version can be had by clicking here.

A hint: Where once there were many, there is only one.

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Hey - Dat's The Sand Pebble's Bigga Sistah. Seriously - Didn't the U.S. fortify Manila Bay with Shore Artillery Batteries of that design? Oh and I took that picture along the banks of The Putumayo at the fore-lone Colombian Naval Base at Puerto Leguizamo.
I'm going to say HIJMS Mikasa, as she was in the fifties. Obviously not an armored cruiser, as there are two of those left. The four asymmetrical mounts for the biggest of the secondary guns also say "Mikasa!" to me.
Well, I'm not a Sailor.......... But am I headed in the right direction if I guess that the ship in question was originally part of the Great White Fleet? Perhaps the USS Illinois (BB-6)?
There's more than one component of the Great White Fleet still in the water, Mags -- Olympia lives at dockside in Penn's Landing, Philly.
I agree with JTG. ... Sponson mounts. Cheers
Oh, Boq? Mikasa es su casa. Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.
Its not Mikasa. I vote Manilla pre WWII.
I did not think the Olympia was part of the Great White Fleet.
CDR, do you think that's USS Oregon?
It's the Mikasa after WW2 and before she was restored in the late 1950s. The only surviving pre-dreadnought battleship in the world.
I have read of an attempt to use concrete as a building material for larger ship... Could it be one of those?
In keeping with the "Where once there were many, there is only one," theme, I'm going with the USS Texas, BB-35...the last of the surviving Dreadnoughts
HMVS Cerberus Nope. Cerberus was a *monitor* -- low deck, no sponsons, both turrets installed on the superstructure. She was sunk in Port Phillip Bay in 1926 as a breakwater.
Another vote for the Battleship Mikasa. Pic here looks like it was taken in that period of post WWII, and before Nimitz helped get her restored in '58. It looks a lot different today than that picture for sure. Last pre-dreadnaught era ship and one of the three great historical warships of the World.
Well, it's not the USS Drum, in the Philippines... So it must be the Mikasa, but before the restoration... All the pieces and gun holes are in the right place, even with the hut built over the rear gun. Either that or it's a trainer remnant, or a design mock-up, though unlikely...
HMVS Cerberus Cheers
Info to me that proves this is the Mikasa, sitting in permanent harbor in Yokosuka, Japan. See that distinctive shaped concrete area to the right in the pic provided? Coincidence?
Deep subject? CHeers
Not Mikasa nor Olympia. Appears to be moored within the USA. Why, note parking spaces against barbed wire fencing at left. Dark circle to lower right of vessel could be disappearing barbette of coastal defense gun type. Note individuals embarked in athletic event or PT - white t-shirts and mixed in with personnel in darker shirts. I will guess WWII when a lot of old ships were converted to moored command posts - even Constellation, in Baltimore harbor now, served in this capacity.