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Why Uniforms Go Where Uniforms Go...

...and Do What Uniforms Do.

It's already ten minutes past the time the shuttle from Huntsville should be arriving in Atlanta and it hasn't even departed from Atlanta for Huntsville yet. My fellow strandees are conversing quietly with one another -- a prototypical Dad-and-Mom-and-Two-Kids re-hashing a recent trip to the Pentagon-In-Orlando, a scattering of older couples comparing notes on their respective retirement communities, some Auburn students alternately dozing and reading, a couple of businessmen laptopping and a solo Mom slowly rocking her six-month-old, who is staring at me in wide-eyed wonder.

"Wow -- lookit him *look* at you."


"It's the mustache. Kids think it'll turn into a butterfly if they stare at it long enough."

*return grin*

"His Daddy has a mustache, too. He'll be home on leave next month."

Maybe thirty people at the gate, counting the relief flight crew, and their only immediate concerns are weather-related. Nobody worries that they'll be snuffed in-flight by a bomb planted by someone who thinks they need to die for the crime of being Americans. Nobody worries that someone walking past will scream "Allah akhbar!" and go full auto with an AK into the waiting area.

A Mom doesn't worry that an act of violence by a Death-Worshipper will keep her child from growing and playing and learning.

That's why Uniforms Go Where Uniforms Go and Do What Uniforms Do.

And they also Go and Do so that other moms in Iraq and Afghanistan and Alltheotherstans will have a chance at living without that particular worry and their children, too, will grow and play and learn.

Me? I go where I go and do what I do 'cuz I really hate raking leaves.

Heh. Merry Christmas, kids...


To My Darling Chief.......Merry Christmas baby!
Merry Christmas to you, Bill. And to all the Castle Denizens and visitors, wherever you may be :-)
Merry Christmas Bill. Soldier on. Merry Christmas to all.
Merry Christmas, Chief!!! May the Lord's Peace be with all the Company of Denizens this day! ('Zilla says "Hi!", by the way...)
Felicidades, Unkabill; but remember: even Baby Jesus loves the green grass which lies beneath your lawn. BOQ
Dammit, there you go making me cry again. :P Love to you and everyone at Christmas. Wish I could give the hugs in person... *hugs*
Merry Christmas Bill. Stay safe and know that you remain in our prayers.
miss you, twin. lots. Merry Christmas, darlin...
If I had known...we woulda come up to Hotlanta and bugged you a bit. Only 35 miles from the airport but at least four hours to Huntsville. Merry Christmas, Chief.
Hi, Gang! Geez, FuzzBee, it was s'posed to make you feel *good*... Cricket -- I'll give you a head's-up next time. I had a six-hour layover for the Atlanta-to-Huntsville leg of the jaunt. Aaaaand the Bad News is that the electronic waterboarding didn't faze the laptop. The Good News is that I annoyed it so much I was able to open it in Safe Mode and extract the pix. Just gotta pick and choose the goodies when KtLW gives me a break from the honeydew list...
I cried mostly because of good things--because it was a sweet post, because I could see you grinning, and because I was missing you a lot for some reason. So there! :P
Well, sorry that the 'tronic-torture didn't cure the ills, but relieved to hear the pictures were salvaged. Have fun rebuilding the beastie.
...sorry that the 'tronic-torture didn't cure the ills... More likely sorry that you weren't plying the instruments of digital pain equivalent. Tsk. All those hours hiding behind the rack, reading ry's comics...
Well ... Yeah. What's yer point? Would I do what I do if'n I didn't enjoy the occasional electronic scream??
You wouldn't work for The Debbil!