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Watch this space...

Breaking news...

Today, the Armorer and a group of milbloggers participated in a tiny bit of history.

We got to meet the President of the United States. And talk with him for an hour.

With two of us linking in courtesy of the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad, we sat down a little before 10AM in the Roosevelt Room of the White House and literally had a chat with the President.

President Bush observed, that as far as he knows, this was the first time that a sitting President had hosted a group of bloggers for a chat at the White House. If that's in fact true - then we got to make a little history today. If it's not true, I'm sure the Peasants with Pitchforks will quickly disabuse us of the notion!

Present from the White House were:

President Bush
General Lute
Kevin Sullivan
Mark Pfeifler
Dana Perino
Tony Snow.

The milbloggers present were:

The Armorer of Argghhh!
Matt Burden of Blackfive
Mrs. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette, standing in for the deployed Greyhawk
NZ Bear of the TTLB and the Victory Caucus
Steve Schippert of Threats Watch
Ward Carroll of Military.Com
CJ from A Soldier's Perspective
Mohammed of Iraq the Model

Linking in from Iraq were:

Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal
Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal.

More to follow - I just wanted to get this out there because it was, in fact, a good time. I've got several posts worth of stuff from the chat - but I'm just going to leave you with this group photo:

Lookit those s**t-eating grins.

Hosting provided by FotoTime

I'm still stunned.

To quote President Bush "I looked at my schedule today, and I found it interesting that I would be sitting down with bloggers."

No more interesting than we found it, sir. Trust me on that.

Update: Hi to NRO visitors! For anyone coming in via a link - here's a link to my second post on the visit - covering the first impressions of the meeting.


Holding my breath for the big post!
The 1% who will be interested to here the outcome.
All this, and cliff-hangers too? *reaching for the popcorn, sitting on the edge of my seat*
And what if I refuse to be surprised? I don't care what you throw at me, or how long you throw it at me. Not even playing the Bratney* Spears VMA Video on continuous loop with do it. I.WILL.NOT.BREAK. *I only wish I had come up with that
I must be in the 99%, since I have no idea what you are hinting at. Look forward to the important news :-)
Yawn .... Interesting parking lot. Cheers
Wow! How wonderful for all of you! Congratulations!
*finishes picking jaw up off the floor* WOW. I can't wait to hear the reports that come out of this. Too cool!!! Did I meant, WOW?!!!
So that's where the Armorer went. Looking forward to his return and a touch of greatness!
holy crap-a-floppy!! so who's the bulky one towards the left rear? ..and how did that back pack make it that far inside the perimeter???!!!
WOW! Excellent. You were right .... I'm in the 99%! LOL
Apparently, some of you did not get the memo about the uniform of the day .... red/white striped regimental tie. LOL
That is soooo AWESOME! You totally Rock :-) Looking forward to the coming posts to fill us in !!
I trust you represented my views fairly and on an equal time basis. [Way to go. That is the second coolest thing blogging ever got for anyone. Right after having free beer mailed to you.]
Um, yep, Alan, you bet. We were all over ending the Maple Syrup supports and Collectivized Healthcare and the Wearing of Funny Hats. And we pushed hard to put the "U" back in labour. 8^ )
The one freaking chance to say "I know a guy who says he knows where the canoes are hidden" to the President of the United States and you miss it!!??!!?
I think our chances of winning this thing just got better.
How wonderful for you all! Congratulations!
Awesome! Just awesome! I'm so excited for you all!!!
Awesome! I'm very proud of you John, and everyone else who had the LUCK of this!
Yay!!!!!!!! Congrats! Its recognition of a job well done. Keep up the good work.
Huh...and the 1% got busy and couldn't even tease anyone with hints. Nice suite by the way. ;)
Alan - there are some things we don't discuss in Open Fora. You have no idea what I might have passed to General Lute or the NSA guy who was there... Just sayin'.
Ah...I see angel pins. ;)
My mind has done been boggled, but good. Congrats to all who were there, and especially to you, John. WAY TO GO!!
You freaking rock, John. And here I was all proud of my meeting with Commander CEFCOM on Wednesday. Well done!
So you this means that there is only two degrees of separation between us Denizens and Barney. All Castle Scru'ples will be happy of the honor. Well Done Boss
I was trying to guess which one of you is which from the group photo, but I must confess that all milbloggers look alike to me.
John: I knew you were going to come through, buddy. The syrup is in the mail. Damian: you should be very proud of that post. I learn more about the CF from you than any other source and I have been one degree or another of second hand base rat for most of my 44 years.
That's a really cool way to celebrate my birthday, John! I'm sure that was one of the topics du joir. DAMN COOL.
I expect to hear about this visit in minute detail at the Rendezvous!
He was bragging about it late last night, Kat. Being all coy and secretive while using all caps to tell us/me there was a big announcement. I guess you have to be real damn annoying before he does stuff like that.;)
Great meeting! However Bush has a bad memory because he met with the Iraq the Model brothers in Dec 2004. (I also have a long email report of that meeting from the CEO of Spirit of America, here. (Scroll down to the bottom.) [Actually, oddly enough, he mentioned the meeting - he greeted Mohammed and mentioned the meeting, but didn't mention where (which makes sense, since Mohammed knew where it happened, eh?). Good catch. Okay, first 'Murican bloggers, with a reprise for Mohammed! - the Armorer]
Heh. I'm surprised all the buttons didn't pop on that jacket while you were trying to keep yer little secret bottled up. Uhhhh -- did you happen to mention that I'm *not* still over there to keep a lid on the "Hillary for Sacred Cow" movement?
I was at dinner with them Wednesday before they left. I scooped you all, but, unlike congress and the CIA, I can keep a secret. ;)
I scooped you all, but, unlike congress and the CIA, I can keep a secret. Heh. Forgot the NYT in the Unholy Trinity...
Kudos and congrats on such a momentous occasion. I look forward to reading about what you had to discuss.
Congratulations. Must have been an interesting experience.
Did the President serve cocktails? Could you all get a cold beer?
What an honor! And a well-deserved acknowledgement for all you do. This just rocks big time. Congratulations!
Bill Reggio Rocks! I am not a big Rudy fan (for President anyway) and I am not voting for him. But he is right... To call a 4 star general who has received the bronze medal of valor a LIAR? Bad, Bad, move. Find out who Gen. David H. Petraeus is at: General David Betray Us Heres the video of Hillary "flip flopping" like the professional she is at: Hillary: I Keep Forgetting What I Think A lot of good things going on in Iraq right now. Heres a Photo Essay (35 pictures) taken this month (Sept 2007) Enjoy! Iraq Photo Essay For September 2007 And last but not least Heres the link of the NEW video (TV ad) coming out Monday Sept 17th 2007. Basically calling President Bush a 'traitor'. The Democrats need some 'common sense" soon...or the 2008 election will be over before 2007 is over. TV Ad Peace! Dan
Congratulations!!! I want to thank you & all of the bloggers, that were at the meeting with President Bush, for giving us in the USA a place to go to hear the truth. Ya'll are the new media and I am glad the President recognized your importance as journalists. Keep up the great ARE making a difference. God Bless the Troops! God Bless President Bush! & may God continue to Bless America!!!!!!
Quite the respectable gaggle! BZ. Now I just need to find something in my wardrobe that matches green......
Great going! Good to know the president knows where the real news is being spread!
Some major firepower there, John.