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Gurls Gone Wyld, Milblogger Edition.

Finally, the camera I left at Carrie's has made it home, and I can help keep the Milblogger conference lingering a while longer in the public eye. Of course, I have to resort to pics of nekkid gurls to do it. Well, not entirely true, tomorrow I'm going to tag Noonan. But, come to think of it, oh, never mind. Moving on!

Since today is Mother's Day, it seems appropriate to show you a horde of milbloggin' mothers (whether actual or just in nature) partyin' hearty at Carrie's domicile.

We'll start off with demure, and innocent. Lookit these chikz!

Gurlz gone Wyld - Milblogger Edition!.  Left to right, on the couch - Andi, Mrs. G, Carrie, Fuzzybear, SWWBO, Mary Ann, Sara.  On the floor, left to right, Cassandra and Lisa.

Gurlz gone Wyld - Milblogger Edition!. Left to right, on the couch - Andi, Mrs. G, Carrie, Fuzzybear, SWWBO, Mary Ann, Sara. On the floor, left to right, Cassandra and Lisa. Higher res available by clicking here.

Oh, sure, they look demure and well behaved and all. Heh. Only because it's a photo, not a video. They were a wriggling, giggling mass. This was a milblogging-male's dream - a sorority party where you're the only guy! (Carrie's husband, Will, who refers to all of us as Carrie's "Invisible Friends" was polite, but didn't hang around much. Prolly got High Level Guidance from "8th and I" about hanging around OPSEC threats like us!)

Gad, less than a second later they're all a-gigglin' and a-wrigglin' again.

And there's a fatality. You can see it in the picture.

You can't? Lemme help.

That sobered 'em up! And that brought out the CSI's to determine the exact cause of death and sequencing - not to mention the crime scene clean-up.

If you weren't there, you missed a good time. *Someone* is just as tartly snarky in person as they are in blog...

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Uh-oh... from Villainous Company on May 14, 2007 7:41 AM

Donovan got his camera back. Apparently what happens in Northern Va. doesn't stay in Northern Virginia.... Heh.... Read More


LOL - You must have been in heaven, John! It's nice to have visuals to associate with the blog-personalities :-)
I like the gigglin' wrigglin' photo best. They look like they're having a great time!
Hilarous!!!! We KNOW who was doing the wiggling. I blame it on all that Starbucks.... Next year....trapeze in the family room!! Woohoo!!!!
Holy crap! I can't believe you actually posted this! We'll have our revenge... next year it's the Armorer on the trapeze!
Nekkid even!!!!
Ewwwwwww. That's a nasty visual.
LOL... All in fun, John..
Snerk. Yeah, right. That's why you're going to have Will reinforce the roofbeams...
I never said that!!! Well, maybe I did about the chandelier but that was more in keeping with me gaining my girls' freshman fifteen for them and planning to swing from it. All in all, I would and will do it again. It was so much fun. We'll just use plastic cups next year...:D
All you need is one of the free video cameras from the Milblog Conference, jello and a tarp:) Speaking of, I posted some more clips with you in it over at my place by the way.
Jello and a tarp??? I'm outta here....
well so much for being able to forget about 'the wine glass incident' ...but at least the evidence proves that it was my back pocket cell phone attacking the glass instead of my actual booty! It wouldn't be a complete review of the evening without mention of the excellent dinner! I'll bring the plastic cups next year :-)
(I swear I only pushed the post button once!)
Welcome to the Castle Echo, Sara. I had it installed to falsely inflate my commenting stats!
Sara - it's best to ignore John when he is snarky. It was wonderful meeting you and we had a great time at Carrie's!
They look like they're having a great time! We most definitely were. :) Carrie was a wonderful hostess and the company was superb!
This is the last group of ladies I'd expect with jello and a tarp, that stuff only happens... does that stuff ever happen? Sorry my sense of humor has been twisted by hanging out with too many Marines. Happy Mother's day everyone!
Sara, No sweatin' it on anything. Come back next year. Please. :)
as long as your stats aren't the only thing that's falsely inflated and you don't photoshop any booty shots :-) as for jello and tarps, if it's something that our deployed heroes will get a kick out of..... ....then the guys should go right ahead and enjoy themselves, the gurlz will be happy to document the event in great detail! [as for falsley inflated, I'll refer you to SWWBO. I think I destroyed all those pictures from that time we got drunk in Reno... I hope I did. Heh. If my sister reads this deep into the comments, she's retching about now -the Armorer]
(er...that would be "..ARE falsey inflated..." need coffee...)
John was the only guy there? I hadn't even's as if he was one of the girls. giggle giggle. Thanks to Carrie (& Hubby) for having us all til the wee hours. I'm sure your imaginary friends, weren't so imaginary while hubby was trying to sleep. :-) It was the most fun I had all weekend and my weekend was fun. Jello and Tarps...? I could do jello...I could do tarps.
Requesting the great armorer to blast that last question mark into a period please. Thank You
*Someone* is just as tartly snarky in person as they are in blog... Now what on earth would prompt you to say such a thing???? *snort*
Of course this picture would not have been possible without the inspiration of some fabulous wine and the best corn pudding recipe in the world (Carrie has graciously shared). Hey if you're really lucky Carrie will let you read her "Man Porn" book....Ladies this is definitely a keeper!
Heh. The "Man Porn" book. I read it. Not that there was much to read, with all those gay models in it. It essentially posits all gurls are, in fact, lesbians. Because what they find attractive in porn is essentially a woman with a package. Snerk!
Don't break my models????? Please say it isn't so....
The Imaginary Friends are having too much fun! I want to witness jello and tarps, corn pudding, and Man Porn! Your an intersting bunch, no doubt!
The IMAGINARY friends are having too much fun! There are others who are curious about jello and tarps, corn pudding, wigglin and gigglin, Man Porn and more... there needs to be more humor in military lives, that's what friends are for, right? Thanks for the giggles and jello wiggles. Carrie is by far, one of the best hostesses I know and her husband is awesome! Color me green!
Winnie (who is also Pooh) Sister, you would have fit right in... I played our Thelma and Louse/Vagas cd first thing. Seemed only right. Winnie was my next door neighbor out at Pendleton. She is one of my closest friends.