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It's Friday Non-Cat Blogging Time Again!

Well, it’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for the normal (naaah -- nuthin’s ever *normal* around here) standard (naaah -- too milspeaky) usual round of Friday Non-Cat Blogging. Ummmm -- at least until the SBB collectively ODs on *cute*. Fat chance -- they're made of sterner stuff. After all, neither Barb, nor BCR, nor FbL have swooned over *me* since -- uhhhh -- since -- errr --

[sound of 120 watt incandescent bulb bursting into illumination]

-- well, since they ackshully *met* me. [Time to drag that pic out of the darkness! - the Armorer]


Anyway, everybody’s seen that “Everything I Learned, I Learned From My Dog” bit, right? You know, the one that starts with “Always turn around three times before you lie down,” “It’s not a real kiss unless it’s wet and sloppy,” et cetera, et cetera?

Today’s edition is “Stuff You Learn From A Puppy That Has Real-World Applications.” Such as, "Vinca looks like violets but they're not as tasty."

Today's lesson continued below (you're *not* getting off that easy)...

· Leashes work both ways.

· Just because somebody bites you on the butt, it doesn’t mean they *don’t* like you. It could just be a teething issue.

· Acorns. Bleccch.

· Being born with a set of Wusthof paring knives for toenails is a big help when you’re climbing up dad’s leg, but they’re not much good when you’re trying to get on top of a row of Belgian blocks.

· Having big feet is cute until you want to walk along the top of a row of Belgian blocks. Or until you have to pee. Especially if you’re still on top of the Belgian blocks.

· If you absolutely *must* stick your foot in your mouth, don’t forget to lick between your toes.

And, most important of all in these stressful times,

The discovery of vegetation with built-in toothpicks

· At least once a day, grab a few minutes to stop and eat the roses.


After all, neither Barb, nor BCR, nor FbL have swooned over *me* since -- uhhhh -- since -- errr --
Now we see the true motive behind the Chief trotting out furry animals. We are not paying enough attention to him.
Since it's really Thursday, is this then Non-Friday Non-Catblogging?
Lesson No: 7 - As countless armies can attest: A Belgian Block is a contradiction in terms. It however, makes a great Doormat to trample on as you transit towards tastier grounds in Western Europe. Hope he has impeccable behaviour towards your Japanese Peony.
Now we see the true motive behind the Chief trotting out furry animals. Or having furry animals trot behind me. At my age, Mags, I'll take any attention I can get -- except from stuff travelling at 2800fps... this then Non-Friday Non-Catblogging? Nope. Friday's just a handy part of the title, and Non-Friday Non-Catblogging is so -- so -- [head thrown back with arm upraised, back-of-the-hand pressed firmly to forehead in "horrors-galore" pose] incredibly *negative*, ya know? Which is my plausibly-deniable cover story for losing Thursday of the first week of April and then having it jump into last week. Firkin short-term memory thing... Boq -- "She." Nope -- Gaby doesn't get near anything decorative or poisonous (see "Leashes work both ways"). And if I let her swallow any of the stuff she samples, she'd *look* like a Belgian block by now. Or a doormat...
She looks like she samples enough to keep her strength up ... but then again, she is kinda furry. And those blue, blue eyes! Yup - the cute thing is still working. And it takes a lot of critter-cute for me to OD!
Why women have cats and dogs to keep them company: furry, generally obedient, if they do somethng wrong they are just too cute to punish and, they are usually much quicker to repent with cuddling and kisses (licks?).
Lack of Swooning is a symptom usually caused by Dearth of Chandelier Parties, Severe TINS deficiency, Choklit Gun jams, and a certain SugarButtons developing cirrhosis of the email for long periods of time.
Oh! BCR shoots! She scores! Don't look for sweetness and light here in the Dungeon, Chief! No sympathy either.
She's a beauty! Just got a new pup at our place too. Always love getting a new family member...
Oh, yeah! BCR nailed it. :D I'll simply add: Lack of Chat Time to the list.
*swoon.... THUD* (see? you still have that affect on me, SB. Of course... *I* haven't met you... )
jimmmyb - The best part of getting a pup is being awakened at 2:30, 3:15 and 4:45 for those 10-minute visits to the potty-patch out back... BCR - Dearth of everything. Caused by an excess of Honeydew List because KtLW decided she (meaning *me*) needed to get the place looking like its usual rain-forest-self (and the temps here have been hoovering at 50F) for a fundraiser. On 5 May, naturally... What're you doing in the Dungeon, Mags -- catering ry's lunch or Bergering his collection of colorized NatLamps? FuzzyBee - See my reply to jimmmyb and add a persnickety ISP to the list. Hiya, MAWK! [extending large, fluffy pillow and executing a flawless diving catch] - I'm just as lovable in person as in electrons. Which kinda begs the question...
She heard there was a hidden Bag of Holding stuffed full of M&M's down here. Something left over from John's D&D days. But it's only stale cheetos.
Stale Cheetos® is redundant.