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A new rule.

There are not many Rulez here at Castle Argghhh!.

Don't make personal attacks. Control the pottymouth. Try not to have sex in the hallways and scare the newbies.


There is a New Rule for posting here at Argghhh!. The shooter at Virginia Tech has been identified.

Ch0 Seung-H* (mutilation done deliberately) has been identified as the shooter. He was a undergraduate senior English major at Virginia Tech, living on campus as a student, here as a resident alien. His status and ethnicity are not important, really. As modified by local laws, a lawful resident alien who has been living in the state for over 90 days may purchase firearms.

This is the *last* time that name will get mentioned on this blog. You want to talk about him, fine. You want to name victims/heroes and talk about them, fine. For the shooter, let him be nameless, let his visage fade, may his memory flicker and die, except as a case study in campus security. I do not wish this space to contribute to this hapless dolt's Googlefame. All the good he may have done in his life up to yesterday was erased as he repeately pulled the trigger, swapped magazines, and snuffed out innocent lives. Taking his own life, while a convenience to the state, did not, in my mind, erase the act.

Celebrate and name the killed, not the killer.

That's all.

Update: Not, it's not all. The Washington Post has some portraits of the slain up. The names are links.

Liviu Librescu, Kevin Granata, Ryan Clark, G.V. Loganathan, Ross Abdallah Alameddine, Emily Jane Hilscher, Mary Karen Read, Daniel Perez Cueva..

May their names swarm the shooter's and bury it.

Another Update: Speaking of names and of the dark side of the internet's speed of spread of misinformation and well as information - let it be known, far and wide, that Wayne Chiang, asian by heritage and a fellow-traveling gun-nut, is *not* the shooter. I say again, *not* the shooter. Note to self - tomorrow, check to see if US media is reporting that - not just the Australian. -the Armorer

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Anathema from Silicon Valley Redneck on April 17, 2007 2:08 PM

I had the radio on for a while this morning, tuned to the news station. It seemed like every minute, on the minute, someone mentioned the name of yesterday's mass murderer. I agree with the Armorer: let his name not be spoken. Let him be an unperson, h... Read More


Well said. Enough said. Totally.
Thank you, John. I am happy to see the shooter's name disappear into oblivion, and really appreaciate the post below celebrating the actions of Prof. Librescu. When I grow up, I want to be like the professor.
That is a good rule, John. In line with that thought, I count 32 lost Hokies not 33.
Amen. Now if we could just get the MSM to follow suit.
Unless one is a professional profiler, there is no reason to waste more than a half-whit's worth of attention in remembering that sick-self-centered bassard. Thus, I move on.
I like it.
This is a rule I have no problem with. As far as one of the other Rulez...........well, maybe after you've had a few cocktails we'll discuss it further in D.C.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Well, maybe, but I probably would have broken the top two rules. There's a special place in (*expletive deleted*) for this fella.....
yeah... what's up with this new rule: Try not to have sex in the hallways and scare the newbies (sandman- you ought to try breaking that rule too, if you're gonna break 1 & 2. Might as well make it a three-fer)
Um, AFSis, shouldnae tha' hae been the Were-Kitten naow?
oh... FINE. Bust me, John. I actually did mean that to be as AFSis. hehe... *shrug*
The shooter needs to have its remains burned, mixed with used cat litter and tossed out like trash. Any memory of its existence stricken from the human record. I have not been a member of the NRA since the early '80s. In response to the inevitable assault on the Second Amendment, I joined via the internet for a five year period. ($125.00) I will also look to purchase a handgun as back up to the household Mossberg. I wish there was an "easy button" to erase all this pain and suffering that the innocents are feeling!
Briefly: There is one huge cosmic joke going on. Bellsouth and AT&T have decided to rebuild the Death Star and MERGE. This of course, has coincided with Microsoft's new Vista software, which is garuanteed to be incompatible with everything on the planet except ankle biting dogs. My email is a mess as Netscape refuses to open yahoo, and IE opens yahoo but wont send or delete anything. Then there is the Lame Laptop which won't access any email at all, to include bellsouth's. I apologize for the double posting. Now, as to the victims: I believe in justice, that what goes around comes around. They died in their innocence and while I am sure they were stunned at what was happening, their blood will cry out to a just God, and He will hear them. I do trust in a Supreme Being...have seen too many miracles in my behalf to deny His existence. We will see the tender mercies of the Lord for them and for our nation. Keeping vigil this week for them all.
AFS: If I put up a picture of me, that might just go ahead and break Rule 3....."don't scare the noobs".......
Sandman - Come to the cocktail party at the DC Milblogger's Conference. AFSis and I will discuss what sort of pics we want to see. We are the pic committee, don'cha know!
Tears In Heaven Fabulous.
"pic committee"... lol. That's a new one, but I LIKE IT, Maggie!
AFSis - We have a lot of responsibilities. You have to be willing to step up to the plate. Besides the "Pic Committee", there is the Committee on stickering DC (and ourselves) for pics to send to JP. I also told FbL that there should be a kissing booth for ValorIT. She hasn't gotten back to me on that one.
You want to set up a kissing booth, you're welcome to do it. ;) But how would that be any different for you? Oh, that's right... you'd have to kiss Marines, Airmen and Soldiers, too. *RUNNING LIKE HELL!*
FbL - What kind of fundraiser are you? If I am going to do something might as well get some dough for ValorIT out of it. Of course, it would work better with a variety of participants. You, me, AFSis..........anyone else ready to step up?
If we're gonna "man" the kissing booth... I say we need some guys to "woman" some of the shifts! Lotta hotties out there, ya know...
Maggie: I'd love to, but I'll be "otherwise indisposed" on "the leading edge of our nation's freedom" FbL: What's wrong with Marines?? (*notice, if you will, that I said nothing about those OTHER two branches of service......grins*)
Well, HELL. Something's always interferring with our fun!
Sandman - Well you'll just have to send the pic to the committee (AFSis, FbL and myself). And baby, there is nothing wrong with Marines! I love them! FbL is just teasing because my favorite flavor is SWO. FbL - We'll discuss this again over cocktails. AFSis - As for things interfering with our fun......What is it those Marines are always saying? "Improvise, adapt and overcome".