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I need a gun pic.

A little Zen to soothe the Armorer's soul.

The Castle Soumi

I think the Castle Armory's Suomi will do nicely.


I like the pink backdrop. ;)
Cool gun Not that I like guns or anything I swear! honest! :)
Nice... I've got a Suomi drum around here somewhere, I'll see if I can find it
Ah, yes. Just like the one Bobby Shaftoe's girlfriend used to shoot "kinda near him" to show him how much she loved/hated him in Cryptonomicon. Hey, she was a Finn. They are *famously* strange, what with that language from elsewhere, and general grumpy depressed contrariness, and all! Y'all should read Lex's account of his Finnish drinking episode. Made the Hobbit look at him a bit cross-eyed for a short while.