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Did someone say battleship?

Oh, yeah, I did.

Yo, Salamander - Neener neener neener!

Heh. I might find apartment living tolerable if that was the view out of my balcony (there are apartments out of frame to the right).

I see the Marines just *had* to do some advertising. Undoubtedly, this is a turret that had a Marine crew.

She certainly does dominate her environment, doesn't she?

However, Nauticus (the overall museum that operates the Wisconsin) there is NO EXCUSE for this abuse of fine artillery pieces, even if they are just used as salute guns or decorations. None whatsoever. My inner gunner zen was seriously perturbed by this sight...



Then there's this - funny sculpture in Cincinnati's airport...

When pigs fly...


I followed the CDR Salamander link in the post and "neener, neener" that Sunday funny...wasn't. As far as the view.....yeah, it's nice.......but where are the sailors?
...where are the sailors? Dancing with the Marines in the Disco Turret. *exit, stage left. hastily*
Ungh - that is wrong by so many ways. If they don't want them, give me a call I will drive down with the F250 and get them. Time to name 'em and shame em OH, and there are a lot of great appts that have gone in down there in the last few years. Very different Norfolk than a couple of decades ago.
Marines settled for a mere 5-inch DP turret? I figured they'd demand one of the 16" main turrets. For what it's worth, that statue at Cincy Airport is one of those created for the Big Pig Gig in 2000. A couple of hundred pig statues were sprinkled all over Greater Cincinnati, mostly downtown but a few in other areas. An absolute laugh riot, seeing what some of the artists came up with.
I used to tell people I would do something when pigs fly. Then I went to Cincinnati.