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The Whatziss from yesterday... proving to be a bit of a poser.

Catch up by clicking here.

Here's a hint.

This, plus answers from yesterday actually provide all the elements you need to pull it together. You just have to be the out-of-the-box analyst...


Geez. I've scared you guys away...
Great, albeit long, video called "Finding the Lewis Gun". A college film project apparently.
All right I'll give it a shot. Shock absorber for the drivers seat of the rare USAF Strykette Armoured Assault Vehicle. It's pretensioned so that the driver is notified of driving habits that passengers would not approve of by driving the center spring loaded plunger into a very sensitive area.
That's the spirit, Rod! If you can't be right, be inventive and entertaining! Heck, that's half of why I do this...
I initially thought of some type of roll pin, sorta what's in the M1's breech block. After this photo...part of a GAFD (Goofy A$$ed Firing Device)? If French, add NFDO (Never Fired, Dropped Once).
Seems I posted my guess in the archives. Doh,, Anyway here it is again. A telescopic sight for a Tank gun. Looks very similar to this. A number 43 Mk3 Firefly scope with the headrest/viewfinder attached.
Some of you are going to kick youselves (especially one of you) when All Is Revealed...
Oh yeah, that's nice. How about a hint that isn't worse than the pictures... It's probably me...
Ahh, the actual picture or the mental picture. Pardon me while I shutter.
I'd like to be limber enough to kick myself in the rear again. I haven't had NEAR enough time on the Pole lately. I'm getting out of practice and out of shape, you know.
Ah! I have a scope like that, just the 'standard Sherman' variety, vice for the Firefly. Which, of course, the Whatzis isn't. Either of.