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The Whatziss... Day 3.

Mebbe this will help.

Confused by what all this means - you've missed this post, then.

Okay, y'all are there.

More on it tomorrow. Larger format pic here.


Well that kind of looks like an M3 sub gun barrel to me...
Looks like a rod... a rod I could use about right now.
So, was the other one a suppressor version of this one, or a sleeve? And that black plastic thing was a hand grip? This one looks like the barrel of an M3A1 carbine version... The other, then must be.... the OSS version (which means I'M not the one who'll be kicking myself but wolfwalker)? [Heh - who sent me a picture of a Grease Gun yesterday, boyo?] Geeze, something else I didn't know about. A long barrel m3... (though something in my mind tells me I've seen one before somewhere?)
The pipe from a pot belly stove?
Wasn't there talk some time ago about getting a semiauto M-3 for the castle? Wouldn't that come with the long barrel?
oh. Yeah, I did, din't I? Wait... Yeah, that one wasn't one of the guns with a suppressor, AND it was the short barrel version... AND it wasn't that big hog pipe barrel either, though I mostly get that right in the meander. Funny thing is, I couldn't hink of a single gun that attached a barrel like that, and I couldn't see threads in the first pic. Though I can now that I'm looking.... Duh. oh well.... let me get my rube goldberg buttkickingboot contraption put on... Pull the string ... ow! Pull the string ...
Now that you're mostly there... google OSS M3.
Geez, that took forever. You'd think nobody'd ever seen one before.
Well, la-de-da. I never have... :-) And the only reason I got where I did is that I googled "long barrel m3," which took me to this site I should've stuck with my first instinct. Phoeey.
Well, at least it wasn't another tank...
i still say it looks like a rod. sterling, perhaps.