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The Whatziss from yesterday.

I was trying to catch that wily old tanker, MajMike, but uncharacteristically for a tanker, he wasn't willing to just rush into a trap.

He has potential.

I was hoping he'd run with an expectation he'd set the day before (the best deception plans work by manipulating your opponent's expectations) about what I might be trying to do.

Y'know, that he'd guess it was this, or this, or this


Then, I'd whisk away the picture mask and reveal it for what it really is.

WWI Brit Trench Maul

A WWI British trench raiding tool. A locally fabricated trench maul.

Scale? You guys are *always* whining about scale. The white paper the maul is sitting on is a standard paper towel. There. Scale.


Congratulations MajMike.
I had trench maul once. Doc gave me a shot for it. What the heck is a trench maul? Do you club the intruders with it?
Chuck, it's for playing Whack-a-Hun in the confines of a trench or dug-out... all sides used 'em and most are equally nasty.
A mace. Or rather rusty metal wood and leather. Placed gingerly on the indicative scale ascertainer and given a highly revealing angle.
heh... and here i was thinking it was going to end up being a ratchety-like gear for some kind of old torsion flinger thingie...
...and btw, nice caltrops ya got there too!
Ah, an elevation adjusting gear! Used for adjusting the enemy's elevation from 90 degrees to zero.
Eric - I'll have to remember that one.
That looks like a very ouchful cluebat. I think, Yikes! just looking at the image. (I also think, how would I wield that, and how would I defend against that. Cain't stop thinkin'.)