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The Armorers Domain

SWWBO, She Who Will Be Obeyed and who is also my wife, is a saint. She's not a neatnik, thank heaven!

She indulges me. In ways that make most of the male readers here green with envy.


Just as an example, lets take a look at the space just above my head in the Inner Sanctum of Castle Argghhh! The Server Room, wherein rests most of the computational power of the Castle, and from where most of the drivel currently inhabiting your screen in generated.

This is *just* the area above the cat perch which straddles the monitor. There are 8 shelves in this room...

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...and they all look like this, differing only in details.

No wonder she blogs from her laptop in the bedroom!

For a more detailed look, hit the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry.

For an easier to see version, click here.

The book titles you can puzzle out for yourself. The stuff in front, from left to right are... handmade glass egg paperweight, gift from an excellent friend, the Gerlach sqeezebore round featured here, a shootable scale model 1841 12 pounder Moutain Howitzer awaiting a carriage, a bunker with a PAK 40 on it, the french Modele 1915 time fuze featured here, the pin fire and 6mm Longue rounds I discussed yesterday arrayed in front of the round for a french WWI pneumatic mortar, a toy german WWI 75mm gun, a sectioned 12 pdr Parrot shrapnel shell (seen many times on these pages), which resides in front of a Boer War-era painting of British Mounted Infantry charging - painted on a piece of wood from a period ammo crate, ending with another toy WWI howitzer. The painting will eventually find itself near the Boer Mauser decorating the Bar of Argghhh!

I knew you wanted to know. All the shelves in that room are like that, filled with whatever has recently caught my interest or is not on display in the Armory.


Nice decorations. Do you have pray the house doesn't catch on fire since the nearby neighbors might think world war III was under way?
I don't keep any explosives *in* the house except the ready ammo. Which isn't that much, and I could toss out the bedroom window during an evac. Just because it *looks* dangerous, doesn't mean it is. Except to your toes. If you drop it.
Oh, man, where's my drool bib?
Huh. Thought the Armorer only played with flesh-and-blood doll(s)... not the plastic ones, too?!
They're *Collectible Figures* sheesh! ;^)
Yeah, that's what the boys always call them... ;)
jim b walks into the room ... looks around... I wondered what SWWBO stood for. jim b leaves
Jim B - SWWBO - She Who Will Be Obeyed - my blog's name. Yes, I know, the correct term is She who must be obeyed, but someone already had a blog by that name when I set up my blog some 3 + years ago.
What about "She Who Must Be Worshipped"? Or "Princess Pages"? Or "Mistress of the Castle"? (yeah. i know. this, coming from someone who named her blog "my side of the puddle")
It could have been *really* worse. Barb has a great story about something along those lines... *duckin' the firkin sparks from the frozen frizzen*
Yeah - but Grau never posts anymore! Contagion is going to have him declared dead and claim his blog territory! Of course, I *am* the one who brought up the pole for dancing, ya know ;-)
Oh my. The straight lines just don't stop coming, do they? Snerk!