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If it's Thursday, I must be leaving.

It will be good to go home, see SWWBO and the critters, but this has been fun. Of course, this is the fun two weeks. When it starts back up, it's 12-16 hour days... I admit I *won't* miss that part. Especially since the duty position from now on is in the White Cell in the simcenter that provides the wrap-around for the live portion of the experiment.

Here in my current cubicle, we're experimenting with a mix of current and future tech, putting it in the hands of soldiers, seeing how they use it, how they adapt, noting how the OPFOR reacts and adapts. We have stuff that's almost ready for prime time, stuff that surrogates a planned capability but in no way is otherwise ready for prime time, and running the the gamut in between.

We've been looking at Airships, for several purposes.

A couple of days ago I ran a pic for you aircraft grognards that took over twelve hours for you guys to figure out! A record!

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That was a Buster UAV. In fairness to those who had trouble figuring it out - when it's flying, it looks very different from different angles... but when it's moving, it's nowhere near as hard to figure out. The Buster capability is envisioned as a Battalion/Company level UAV. The jury is still out on which levels will eventually end up with their own UAVs - this is one of many studies and experiments, combined with operational data from the sandboxes, that will inform those decisions. Buster is ramp launched.

Raven is the platoon-level capability. Raven is hand-launched, and the operator uses a hand-held controller where he can watch the video from the bird and control it.

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Last up is the Batplane, the TACMAV. A squad level capability, it's man-packable, literally rolling up to fit in the tubes on the backpack, 1 per tube. When you remove it, it just flops into shape. You use this little controller, and the simple video feed goes to a laptop. Cute little sucker, though, eh?

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We've also looked at tech that makes the soldier a mule...

But, as I head back to my Dilbert-cubicle, I envy the Company Commander and his cube...

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...because when he gets out of it, he takes his rifle with him and does some shooting!


OH! OH! OH! I wanna batplane!!!!! That thing is WICKED KEWL!
No prollem - the bird is made of sooperkewlsekritstuff and will only set you back around $7K. That doesn't include the video.
*gets out checkbook.... writes check for $7K which will bounce... hopes that friends will visit her in jail* pout....
I'll visit you in jail, kiddo. Better yet, I'll write a rubber check for half and we can fly it together until they arrest us ;-)
I know these cute lil things are valuable at the tactical level but, for me I'll take an F/A-18 loaded for bear. Nothing like that M61A1 spewing out .20mm shells at a rapid rate.