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Heh. Just heh.

I know what she means. Perzackly.

For a while the guns thunder, the crew eager to serve the piece...

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And send their missiles downrange in righteous wrath...

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But eventually, the rage subsides, or the message is delivered, the mission accomplished, the target destroyed or in disarray... Or, sometimes, the bastards just grind you down, and the guns fall silent.

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Which is why this place has been changing over the last few months.

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Oh, I think this might be my favorite. And not inept... heh. You are one funny, funny man, Donno. You know how much I love double-entendre. I think you tripled or even quadrupled it... what a sendoff :) Lovely, just lovely.
Uh, John... should we be worried?
John Since I am so new around here, you have me lost. What kind of changing has been happening?
Yeah, FbL got to what I was thinking(particularly in light of the little egg you dropped to Alan about the difficulty in shutting this place down). You know, Boss, you don't have to post every frickin' day. Sure, we'd miss the daily reparte, but we'd survive. Most of the Denizens and regulars have other sites that could take up the slack(is Lex prepared for Comment Parties? You gonna make Lex get insurance on his chandeliers, or build his own 'ritamatic?). You can cut back without having to quit, John. Even move to for free Blogger software. Writing is a time and energy consuming exercise, particularly if you aim to do it well. You've got a pretty large life. Sounds like something is suffering at the expense of blogging. So cut back. One post a week, or whenever you get something kewl.
Hee. At least Cassie understood. Christine - no worries, if you haven't been around, then you don't have a baseline against which to measure. The rest of you - sheesh. Just giving Villainous Company an Irish Wake appropriate to a Gunner's Lady. But there *has* been a change around here the last few months. Less politics (not that it's gone, how could it be), more guns, militaria, history, etc. Posting is slightly less overall, though some days are more inspired than others. After all, the two slugs I hired to take up some of the slack turned out to be slackers - something about life getting in the way, though Bill's efforts on the weekends are *way* helpful, and Dusty is worth the wait when his new life allows him up for air. I'll not publish Cassie's and my little email exchange, but I do mean perzackly when I say I understand why she hung it up. No, I'm not hanging it up, I'm just finally letting go *caring* about some of the externals, since I accept I can't get to them, because the price of doing so isn't worth it, like many, many movies these days. To mangle another metaphor, this was a Viking Funeral! But not mine. Castle Argghhh! still stands. This we'll defend.
Glad to know, John. :) (And I don't speak for all, but the changes 'round here are just fine) Ry: As to parties as Lex's, you obviously missed out!
I know what both of you mean. i decided a long time ago Blogging should be an out let, and fun. But it can never be me. It'll never be my job, family etc. So what if I have barely 80 visitors a day? At least they come back! Emerson said "To leave the world a bit better know even one life has breathed easier, that is to have succeeded" I can handle that. I'll put my 1 maybe 2 posts up ever 2 or 3 days, feel less stressed, and someone will leave a nice note saying Hi. Life goes on. I'd comment more, but the Evil Empire (tm) currently has me in a War Room so I'm not online huge amounts. Cassandra, good luck in your future vocations and i hope to see you around the Blogsphere somewhere! John, glad to see someone is continuing to be the Hero at the Gates!
I really like the atmosphere here. Glad you're not going anywhere. I'm not worried about you not writing everyday either. Much rather have periodic postings then nothing at all. Besides, I have 2 years of catching up to do.
Thank you :) You are very wise. I never stressed about traffic - in fact I found that as my traffic increased, I became more unhappy with blogging. I think I was happiest at about 200 a day (of which you only hear from a fraction). Anything over that was harder to manage because I never caught the knack of seeing readers as "traffic" - to me each one was still a person and it got overwhelming very quickly. I think that might be one reason women get burned out on blogging - we see things so differently. Our goals are different. I still love writing - so hard to give up. I still love talking with everyone. And the laughter was the best of all :)
Item One: The canvas may be covered in dust, but the 'ritamatic (Mk4A2) is still servicable, and the bar made of c-rat cases in the Beer Garden is fully stocked... I can have the LGAMs dust the place out and throw fresh sawdust on the floor in a heartbeat. Item Two: Cassie, thanks for your personal touch (seeing us as people rather than means to an end.) You are an articulate writer, with a keen wit and a great sense of humor. I've heard your name mentioned in concert with the term "inspiring" more than once, and I think there are some lady-type folks who want to be you when they grow up... Don't be a stranger, m'kay? And the Firebase's Comm center has an extra keyboard iff'n the Muse smacks you up side the head and ya want you pen something flavored in late 20th Century "Grunt". Far as the Norse Funeral is concerned (and I don't care if it's Hollywood or contemporary, it's still cool and Viking-y sounding): Lo, there do I see my Father, Lo, there do I see my Mother, my Sisters, and my Brothers, Lo, there do I see the Blogs of my People, back to the beginning. Lo, they do comment to me, and bid me to blog by their side, in the Blogs of the Castle... Where the brave shall Blog forever! Yol Bolson! (May there be a road!)
13th Warrior! Argghhh! Slay the Eaters-of-flesh!
As I have stated before, the purpose of Boggin' is to find a constructive outlet of expression, in which you can feed your beaten soul. If it gets to the point in which the roles are reversed, (i.e., your soul is the one feeding the Blog), it's time to change your pace, or flip off the lights. Remember Audrey... Feed Me Seymor!!!
13th Warrior. Loved that bit. Not Hollywoodish at all (although they never mentioned it is the story of Beowulf, litrature might scare people off!) And very appropriate here, since *of course* Villainous Company was gathered in by the Walkure to blog in the company of heroes in Valhalla! I think the GA squad might be able to set up a feed ...
I think the morph has been good. I also bailed on the politics to a great degree, focusing primarily on the constitutional basis for why the politics are happening - which is my real interest. I now work in municipal government and have a lot of respect for all the politicians but it is a different sort of animal and game than I could engage it becomes a little hard to judge except on the grander, less blog-worthy scale. The relationship of the citizen and the state which is set out in constitutions and elaborated by courts is much more compelling. Like cannons and, say, beer you can get a handle on the topics that arise.
Beer has handles? That may explain my drinking problem. *quaff* *dribble*
And yeah, I love Asterix and Obelix, got most of the english language comics.... Perzackly indeed. As for V.C. What I liked most was the simplicity of line, the dignity and serenity of the site. I liked the right-ups too, but words is words and there's lots of folks doing great words like Cassandra. But the presentation is the key, really the key, which is what is keeping me so *&%@#&$ bogged down, 'cause I'm losing sight of the trees for the leaves--but don't mind me. I'm close, hope to live up to the standards set by those who come before. And I meant it about V.C. Very eye-pleasing.
*drags celtic trivet from behind couch, nails to wall behind same* *hangs "vc--reserved" sign beneath same* Hmmmm. Still needs somethin'... *wanders off to rummage through donjon for whoopie cushion*
Alan, as anyone can plainly see, beer doesn't *have* handles, beer *causes* "love handles." I have the handles; where's the love? Snork.
I like Boq's comment best, since it truly fits my style of blogging. Some days I have something to say. Other days, I post some flippin' quiz just because it's light-hearted and fun. Mostly, I just say what's on my mind, no matter if it's the war, or politics, or crime, or family. "..the purpose of Boggin' is to find a constructive outlet of expression, in which you can feed your beaten soul. If it gets to the point in which the roles are reversed, (i.e., your soul is the one feeding the Blog), it's time to change your pace, or flip off the lights." Feed me Seymour? *laughing* God... I love that show! *wanders off into the battlefield, humming "Suddenly Seymour"*
The level of just mean or vicious people Cassie got is why I hardly ever made comments over there. well that, and that I have a hard time comming up with something intelligent to say. You always had to worry about someone seizing on something you said and use it to bash Cass with. And it seemed to get worse once she started the Cottilion with the doctrinarian police and the lefty lynch mob types. I love Alan's site. I'm just old enough to remember Two Tone ska when he drops those references and he does sports whithout the fanaticism. I'm a tea-totaler so I don't get the beer---but the food I certainly do.
Since I don't troll the lefty sites much, I don't know if lefty female bloggers get the level of adolescent misogynistic crap righty womyn bloggers get subjected to. I find that aspect of things distinctly unappealing. If Cassie ever takes up the offer to post here, I'll police that action. If you can't play nice, you can't play at the Castle.
A sculptress friend of ours just welded us a piece of art. It uses rebar, car parts, and other metal stuff, and it looks like a flower. An Audrey II kind of flower (red, green, yellow, metal, spikes, sharp edges, brakedrum looking parts, etc). Not big, but cranky looking. We have it standing in our kitchen for the nonce, while we try to decide where to put it (inside or out), and When my 12 year old first saw it, she said, "Oh NO, Dad! We don't need that "feed me Seymour thing" in here! I about died. My thought exactly!
Sheesh. Now you guys have me thinking of Bill Murray as the masochistic patient. Ewwwwwwwwwww!