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A Contest! Sorta...

In John's gleanings below, the captioneer calls the UH-60 a Blackhawk. In my comment, I refer to the critter as a Black Hawk.

*snicker* Who's correct and--specifically--why? Brag rights to the first one of you to get it right without just making a SWAG.

Okay, Barb, the meaning of the acronym is in Flash Traffic. You didn't think I'd just leave it lying around out here, did you?

*Update* The Scruples sent along a pic of Bill's Den.

**Update to the Update** Why John doesn't worry about his Jerry Pournelle collection disappearing from the Library...

Scientific Wild-A$$ Guess


Well, Sikorsky calls it the Black Hawk instead of the Blackhawk.,,CLI1_DIV69_ETI773,00.html
And the reason Sikorsky calls it Black Hawk is...what? C'mon, ry--that ain't even a Muffy-level Google!
Bill - You're right (as if there was a question!). The name should be Black Hawk, after the Indian tribe (as well as one Indian Chief) of that name. In fact, aren't all Army Helo's named after Indian tribes? On the other hand, Blackhawk (one word) was a comic strip. FYI : Didn't 'Google' it, although it did take research ... *grin*
The Army traditionally names helicopters in honor of a Native American tribe. In this case, I don't know if they picked the name, then realized it wasn't a tribe, or if they knew what they were doing and didn't care. The fact, as far as I can tell, is that there is no "Blackhawk" Tribe. Black Hawk was an indian leader of the Sauk Tribe, and the Indians who followed him in the "Black Hawk War" were called the Black Hawk Tribe after him. The 1/1 Cav was the 1st Regiment of Dragoons, better known as the "BLACKHAWK" for its frontier work. In the History of the unit, they list Black Hawk tas one of the tribes the unit fought, but it is not clear if the writer understood Black Hawk was the leader.
*snort* As if I didn't know what SWAG stood for. Give me a leetle more credit than that, wouldja? As an aside, between mil terminology and geek terminology, do the military IT people actually know how to form complete sentences?
Okay, Barb and Sanger both have rounds in the impact area, but no FFE as yet. Traditionally, Army aircraft are named after Indian tribes, but there have been exceptions--the L-19 Bird Dog, the OH-23 Raven (aka "Hiller the Killer") and the *ahem* AH-1 Cobra. And of course, nobody ever calls a UH-1 an Iroquois or a CH-54 a Tarhe. No, Barb, military IT types can't form complete sentences. They can barely form coherent thoughts...
Yep, Bill - lotsa spikes in the bottom of that pit...
SWAG.... Sealed With A Grin? I like that better than Scientific Wild Ass Guess. Much more fun.
Oh yeah, Bill... nice den! Great view, and throttle in just the right spot.
OK.... I google'd Black Hawk, and found LOTS of "Hawk" variations, including Pot Hawk (drug recon), Credible Hawk (search & rescue), Velcro Hawk (special forces), Night Hawk (search * rescue), and Pave Hawk (combat SAR/spec ops), Presidential Hawk (UMSC VIP's), Dustoff Hawk (med evac) and Desert Hawk (for Saudi Arabia). Must have something to do with "Hawk", but darn if I know what.
WK - Sorry, but there's nary a throttle in sight. That control thingy you're referring to is called a cyclic when it's in a helicopter--in this application, however, it's more properly termed a *hastily placing kevlar blankets around the thread* "joy stick"...
But properly applied, throttle does bring out the joy stick... at least, that's been my experience. *wink* *kicks PG-17C back under the bed*
WK - In my world-reference, throttle is applied with a twisting motion. I just ain't *that* twisted, sister... *checking watch to see how long it takes ry to jump on that one*
Depends on your grip, Chief. Trust me.....
TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! **runs off to room to check grip**
BTW, John, In your comment admoniton, you ask the visitor to "attach the message, not the messenger." Say again? ;-)
1. What*ever* are you talking about? 2. At least I now know that *someone* actually reads that text!
"SnagerM" Sorry. Didn't mean to make you forget how to spell your name or nuthin'... *giggle*
AFSis - YES! It does indeed have something to do with "hawk"--but *he cooed* what? Oh, and "...Presidential Hawk (UMSC VIP's)..." That grinding noise you hear is Sarge B gritting his teeth...
I see it's time for a gratuitous hint. Sikorsky actually did name the prototype "Blackhawk"--then changed it to the present spelling for the UTTAS fly-off competition. Clear as mud yet?
*dang it* USMC USMC USMC USMC gee... I hope Sgt. B doesn't punish me too harshly. *cries out* "Oh PLEEZ, Saw-junt Bee, PLEEZ don' throw me in tha Jungle Room! PLEEZ!"
I don't like what you said, so therefore I will mock you mercilessly.
Jungle room? Has anyone watered the plants in there lately? Hawks are to be found in the crenelations. No need to water the plants up there.
So, Punc, what part of "Don't Bother" did you miss...?
Just Testing...
Heh. Judging by the echoing trackbacks, she's been testing her code, too...
It is gonna be really bad if the echo chamber stays permanently lodged in my pinger!
Nice recovery kemosabe....
It is gonna be really bad if the echo chamber stays permanently lodged in my pinger! So, Punc, what part of "keep it PG-17 decent" did you miss?
Now Bill. I don't know what you are thinking but I was referring to the mt ping function. I can't imagine how a discussion of software could possibly interest the PG-17.
Hee! Punc, someone unknown uploaded a euphemism dictionary to the PG-17 and we haven't been able to unload it...
Software, wetware, hardware... Just different states of matter, eh?
GACK No wonder it is wimpering over there in the corner. Hardly a word is spoken with out euphemisms and double whatchamacallits on some threads around here. Anyone else want a hot spiced cider with a little biiiite to it?
SangerM as one of my students once explained it there are four states of matter, solid, liquid and gas, the kind you put in your car and the stuff you breath.
I mean breathe. guess there's a little more biiiite to my cider than I thought.
One of my daughter's over-intelligent English Teachers had a bit of a problem with the state of matter last week. On a vocab list, he defined Ozone as a gas layer around the Earth. My daughter told him ozone is a gas, not a layer in space. He said he wanted a "more complete answer." Fortunately, she restrained herself from telling him "It's a gas, stupid." Of course, while I approve of her answering with what he wanted her to write on the test ["It didn't matter, Dad, he wouldn't listen anyway."], if she had answered the other way, any punishment would have included ice cream, extra allowance, and a trip to six flags. I'm not a fan of most teachers. And I's got a advnaced degreee in ejukation. . .
Ozone (a gas found in the stratosphere, a layer around the Earth) is a particularly difficult concept to teach because of all the wrong information that has been poured into the minds of students and teachers and the general population. I think I've got a couple posts on greenhouse gasses and hole in the ozone but I feel another one is due. BTW... Not all teachers. I just relearned a concept in biology by checking up on what one of the spuds was learning. Turns out the teacher knew more than the perfesser. Fortunately for me I did my research before I opened my mouth.
Finally got all that bolding and asterisk stuff worked didja?
Sanger... Shut Up. 8^p
But they don't show up in Firefox.
Punc. 1) The bolding comment was for Castle Master and his growing warning statement, above... 2) Teachers. I were one, sort-of, so sometimes that's self loathing, but I worked with teachers for a long time. I appreciate the difficulties, but more than a few of them like to talk down to parents and laymen, and still do that to me. Right up until I explain that I probably have more Ed-related education and experience than they do, with credentials to prove it, and then--and only then--do I suddenly have a clue, even though I've said nothing different. But even more than that, I really dislike people (and teachers especially) who refuse to consider that a child might have a valid viewpoint, or might be right. I know how this guy arrived at the wrong conclusion, but this is supposed to be an advanced English class. Seems to me precision and accuracy are hallmarks of a professional writer or speaker. You know, never use utilize for use, or irregardless, or it's for its, or Ozone Layer to mean Ozone, or throttle grip for pinger (or whatever). You know what I mean...
Shutting Up, Sir! hahahahahahahahahah
SangerM 1. I know. But it still doesn't work in Firefox (or on a Mac for that matter) 2. You must have attended some of the same conferences for teachers doing research on teaching a certain subject that I went to for awhile. Kept publishing in their sandbox --sorta, but stopped going to their meetings. The 'bright' folks there looked at your nametag and institution to decide if you were worthy of acknowledgment or response. I could just imagine them in their classrooms. 3. Too many educators think that giving a child a one inch line to fill in the proper one inch answer is all it takes to demonstrate their (the teacher's) ability to teach. OOOPS. /rant. This could go on for awhile and I don't have enough cider at the moment.
...actually, Punc, the hole in the ozone *does* show in Firefox. Look just above the left wing.
Giggle. Figures you'd find a way to bring that whole zipper thing into it. And just when I was about to try and un-hijack the thread and ask you if you are ever gonna tell us the real story.
Liked that, didja? And sure, I'll tell you the real story. Eventually. Still waiting on a couple of the grognards to show, and I wouldn't want them to spend the next week whining, "I knew that--you just gave in to Punc's feminine wiles, didn'tcha? I'm tellin' Rammer!" Gee--sure hope I don't get hit by a tandem semi on the drive home. It's such a *simple* answer, too...
Are we gonna take this anymore? No! We aren't gonna take it. We ain't gonna take this anymore! I don't know which is scarier? Dee Snider in make up or Dee Snider out of makeup.
The 'correct' name for the UH-60 is whatever the DOD sez it is- irregardless* of what anyone else calls it. Jeez, Chief- give us a tuff one next time. *for you, Boq laddie!
Damn, denied me the snark, Neffi. You bassid!
heh- a bassid I be... [wanders off, whistling 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport']
Punctilious briefed on October 20, 2005 04:57 PM Huh? Punc, Cheif(ret) wanted to see how long it took me to jump on a quasi-musical reference. He dropped Twisted Sister on AfSib (ne Were-Kitten, I don't know how many facets that woman has.). Being the gangrel creature around here I don't get many things left out for me to pounce on. We takes what we gets, yes, my precious, we does.
It's Were-Kitten, nie AFSister, Ry. Sis came first... then the Kitten. Then Mawk. Then, heck, I don't know- someone else. Somebody needs to get me a playbook for my own players!
It's Were-Kitten, nie AFSister, Ry. Sis came first... then the Kitten. Then Mawk. Then, heck, I don't know- someone else. Somebody needs to get me a playbook for my own players!
forget a playbook- somebody needs to get her an eraser....
Heh. Learn a gramatical rule at the Castle. Who'd a thunk it? Didn't know there was a convention about nie. I was going to use 'cum', but I worried about being tasered by PG-17, since it's got the knew thesaurus and dictionary programming and, well, some o' y'all got your mind in the gutter.
Heh. It's also spelled, nêe, though nee is an acceptable spelling. It means, variously, "born as" and "formerly known as". Nie, as we all know, is Knightly Speech, and you don't want to make them say "Nie!" at you!
Just what I was thinkin; John. Geez, I only have one player in this game. Guess it's time to Sybilize.
But then with the echo chamber I do seem to spend a lot of time repeating myself.
Sybil, as in the mythological entity? Or, Sybil, as in Sally Field, the Flying Nun, Gidgit, and multiple personality disorder movie-lady? Sorry, suffering from Idjit Undergrad Partiers Who Live Below Me Induced Insomnia. Would it be a crime if I..........
If yer askin' the question you probably already know the answer. Comfort yourself with the thought that you can thump around really loud early in the morning. Getting ready for the day doncha know...
ry - Nice pickup, lad! Figgered somebody with eclectic tastes in tunes would "get" it. Neffi - Ackshully, it's DA's call, not DoD's. And, as Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can call a dog's hind leg 'steak Diane,' but don't bite into one and expect to get a mouthful of béarnaise." Ummmm, okay, Abe didn't say it, but he would have if they'd used more tarragon in the Rail-Splitter Café... Ooooooh! Speaking of accentuation: "It's also spelled, nêe..." Heh. All that work with the asterisks and italicized bolding stuff made you overconfident, John. It's "née"... Yeah, yeah, I know--"Bill? Shut Up!"
Fark. That's just 11PM 3-'ritas'-to-the-wind small font on a laptop on my lap there.
Well, at least you didn't stab yourself John.(cowers in fear).
Heh. SWWBO just got home from a weeks travel... *I'm* not the one who was doing any sword-handling last night, Ry. Plllpppppt!
after a quick glance at the above posts, unless i missed it, the REAL reason is because the name "blackhawk" was already taken: the Sikorsky (S-67) blackhawk was a sweeeet aircraft, in terms of form and function. more detail here:
*grump* nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-ner
John from VA - SCOOOOOORE!!! WK - You mean, of course, née-née-née-née-née-née-ner...
Give me the raspberry, will you? Just be glad I don't know the Schwartz, have a funky ring, and drink coffee while I watch Mr. Radar.