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Since Blake mentioned Gun Pr0n...

Let's have some! Blow off a little of the dust here (whoooof!)...

Let's get down and get Suomi!

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Hubba - hubba! Just look at dat there 9x18mm Makarov spinner in her skirt.
wicked purty...
Comrades, Praise the Lord and pass the salmiaki! The Finns do contribute some neat stuff, now don't they? Respects,
What sort of pistol is that? It doesn't look like a Lahti.
It's a Walther PPK. Actually, it's a Walther-licensed PPK that is a CO2-powered (with recoiling slide) pistol I got to train SWWBO in the shooting of auto-pistols, safely in the basement. And she couldn't hurt me too bad if I irked her, either!
The KP/31... remember, you gotta cock the bolt before inserting a drum mag, or the first round will jam the bolt (or the drum mag won't lock in the first place- more likely). The box magazine doesn't require this since the rounds compress the spring vertically... ...magnificent machine, the Suomi- no finer ever made (in terms of quality, reliability, and endurance) I've shot maybe 200 rounds through one, but it wasn't mine, and the owner moved to Wisconsin. Wish I had one [frowny face]...
It's a pitty that Lapua discontinued production on the 9mmMak, for it would be a great diet for little Ms. Suomi. How ever as we say back home: If Prime Rib isn't available there is always Top Round on the case. Guess that THIS will do.
check out the anti-troops cartoon. link in the first post here:
See! This is the exact reason I don't tell manimal you are here. We would be so broke... he would so love this. I'm just so bad lol I wish I felt guilty(er) That's one sweet Piece-o'Pr0n