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hzzz. good. do.

You may remember the first time Greg held a comment fund raiser for breast cancer awareness in rememberance of his wife. Well, it's the first anniversary of her death and he's holding another comment fund raiser.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the April 1 post, which will bring tears to your eyes. If you want to, you can offer up a donation, but you don't have to. Donors have pledged to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The first comment party, in January, raised about $3,000.00, and they're hoping for $10,000.00 this time.

Please go to his site and leave a comment, and then post the link to your blogs.

Thanks everyone!

The Armorer notes: Go read the post. If you don't cry, call Ripley's. You don't have a heart and are a walking conundrum!


Thanks Muffy! and thanks for the licking- Kitten is off the pole now and ready for the day....
Thanks to both of you, Muffy and Were-Kitten. Comment added, post up. Hope it helps Greg to reach his goal.
[visual] Were-kitten getting a full body lick-down... oooooohh begone, naughty temptation...
Neffi- That's the whole idea, sweetheart. I know how visual you guys are.... lick lick lick...meow.
My, didn't take long for this thread to capsize...
Capsize? I'd say it took a torpedo, fore and aft. >>hzz. can say fore and aft and still [*whap*]YIPE! JAKE! Back to the kitchen and count the silverware!
I dunno, I'm thinking the Bikini Atoll Test Fleet, m'self...