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This Post Rated--Waitaminnit

>>hzz. name muffy welcome hy-umuns and feline lady-typeses and hy-umun mans-what-be-gentle (heh) to morning edition castle msm. today visit mawk, were-kitty and afsister on prowling bout castle environs. not worry ladies--

>>hzzz. only be one lady with multiple-personality disorder.

--for castle msm purpose, is three. all part of subtleness of role-pleh by afsis.

>>hzzzzzz. afsis subtle. hzzzzzz. funny.

>>hzz. as name muffy say before such rudeness of interruption, ladies not worry. minicam over litterbox *not* work. hzzzzzzz.

>>hzz. minicam work. name jake and name kc test live feed and digital camcorder both.

>>hz. name dolt. is ruse de guerre. make holodeck wet ladies thinking okay. very subtle.

>>hz. name jake not see subtlety.

>>hzz. [for an audio transcript of the succeeding dialogue, click here]

>>hzz. where name scout? need get rolling here or lose audience. market share go into garderobe.

>>hzzzz. not see. not see bigfoot also. last time see by scrup’l crate with name scout. not see anybody cept name muffy and name kc since bad cat robot-lady doojigger get scrup'ls de-substantiated and reconstituted in last thread.

>>hzzz. see nobody? can only mean one thing…

>>hzzz. exactness. cookie jar unguarded.

>>hzzzzzz. par-tay!



Ow. Head feel like Meteor Crater pless five nanosecond after impact. Name Scout hurt in places hitherto undreamed of. Whooo—chilly also. Waitaminnit. Where fur? Whuh—thumbses?


>>hzzz. ow. ooooh, pain-pain-pain. must’ve taken a header off the ladder again--lucky this fur wrap cushioned the--fur? i got fur? and--ooof--how come i can’t stand alla way up? And where’d that old geek over there come from?

What name Scout be do over *there* when name Scout sit right over *here*? [*thought balloon: hmmmpf—not much padding, either.*]

>>hzz—i mean, hey! what’s up with the claws? and this—oh, geez. a tail. scout’s tail. %#@$! i’m gonna disassemble a certain evil feline mechanoid in about zero seconds--

Bigfoot? Talk like Bigfoot but name Scout only see name Scout.

>>hzz—daggitt! that desubstantiation thingumabob musta re-assembled us in each other’s bods!

Ooooh. Means only one thing. *Now tall enough reach cookie jar*!

[*running footsteps fading toward kitchen*]

>>hzz—i mean, gaaah! scout, get my butt back here right now! #@%&!--somebody tell me i didn’t just *say* that…

[*scamper receding towards kitchen*]

W-e-e-l-l-l-l, ladies an’ gents, ‘twould appear that the Simultaneous Holoscan Insertionfest at Sarge B.’s and Barb’s had wider ramifications than just blowing all their comments to smithereens! What will happen next? And when?

Oooooh—the possibilities…


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Oh Dear - a tall scruple with thumbs. What kind of misChief will this bring about?? Heh, Indeed !
Psst- MAWK! I wonder how long it will take Were-Kitten to figure out she has TP sticking out of her butt... ROFLMAO!
>>hz--i mean, right. glad *some* of you think this is funny. do you two have any idea how long it takes to type something with your nose?
But you're cute! *cough* I mean, even cuter! Just wait and see how many women want to pick you up and snuggle you. And since you are a small little innocent scruple, just where will all this snuggling take place? But all you can do is complain!
Before this changing stuff gets out of hand, some one needs to post a cast of castle denizens. Some one taking a wrong turn into this part of the dungeon is gonna be even more confused than I am. I've been hanging around on my low flying chandelier for quite some time and I'm starting to lose track of the multiples and scruples and robots and and and...
Hey, you're ahead of me. I haven't even figured out a classification for "scruple," much less who is who among the species!
ahhh, Lioness- your confusion re species certainly explains your frequent bouts of 'furious blushing'hehehe [ducks behind sofa]
Hmmm. 'Round these here parts, being the snarker tends to get homework assignments... So, who wants to write the Castle Beastiary to be posted then linked to as a reference for the poor hapless soul who wanders in here when we're being silly... currently only about a third of the time, but who knows, with this herd... Anyone wanna take on the challenge?
That'd require some assistance from all, sending in short bios for compilation...
Sounds like somebody just volunteered... :)
And I'll have you know, it took me ALL night to get the 'rita juice outta my fur! Gave me a hangover, too...
Why, Sister Lioness... perish da thought [tilts halo to catch the light]
Thats a whole lotta lickin' you know
The multiple personalities seem to be multiplying... Neffi, were gonna need an entire chapter just to cover your characteris!
Re: grammar and spelling above... Okay, who slipped something into my milk again?
'milk', eh? hehe oh boy- I get to run out to work to settle some crisis. I should know enough to screen my calls... Toodles
>>hzz. just, plain hzz.
Has anyone noticed an evil chaotic kobold mage thief running around here with a bag full of comments??
"All your comment are belong to us." Your pals, the Evil Chaotic Mage Thief Kobold Cabal
Scout ... Muffy! Hurry up - go catch that Thief!
>>hzz--first you've gotta get them out of the cookie jar. good luck--it was just loaded up with about 80 pounds of purina chicken 'n' rice/chocolate-chip/squirrel flavor scruple biscuits. they're not bad, once you get past the texture (fur all over yer tongue--ptui)...
[*gag*] Eeew - that's gross!
>>hzz. urp. evil chaotic kobold mage thief sprinkle comments all over scrup'l cookie. most not bad, cep for comment of bigfoot. what not bad taste is totally tasteless...
>>hz. pretty barb-lady evident left party before neffi-mans and woolybear lyonesse-lady have snarkfesting. [*whap*]YIPE! >>hzz. name jake same name dimbulb. feline-lady what got identity crisis vis-à-vis be predatory vegetable stalker is fuzzybear. woolybear is caterpiggle, leave fur on tongue like squirrel cookie. or other thing.
Here's a picture of a caterpiggle for you :-)
>>hzz. oooh. pretty barb-lady find folder with pix from parties. that one of fuzzybear lyonnaise-lady with neffi-man. easy to tell. look of confused consternation on lady for posting of test twice and see-where-look-at-lady of eyeballs on neffi-man.
>>hzz. name kc not look whole pic. neffi-man suffer painful swelling place-not-talked-'bout. cause hyu-mun male brain shrinkage. fuzzybear sauce-lady know exactly what doing! just like name muffy when dealing with boy-scrup'ls!
ROTFLOL at scruples! I still don't know what they are, but they're very funny, and surprisingly smart! LOL
And I have to second Muffy's opinion of bigfoot's comments... [ROTFLOL again!]
>>hz--i mean, yeah, right. *some* folks find them to their taste...ummmmm...after a generous dollop of cayenne...
"I still don't know what they [scruples] are..." hz. i mean, naw. it's *too* easy...
>>hz. also surprising that someone be getting hang of talk like scrup'l. must have been practice much or is still snockered from party. punctuation get better also but still need work.
>>hzz. fuzzybear lyonesse-lady need watch the rotflol when nessi-man in a/o. might get indecent idea. then again, hasn't exactly been slacker in that department. part of nessi-man subtleness: pretend be lovesick gawk, actual lovesick olympic gymnast mensa-type. >>hzzz. name kc miss true subtleness. neffi-man actual lovesick olympic-class skier pretend be lovesick doofus pretend be lovesick brainy olympic gymnast pretend be lovesick gawk. that be subtle. nessi-man big julie andrews-lady "victor-victoria" fan. also be couple bricks shy of full hod.
name kc This nessi-man you mention, is he really ambidextrous, or does he just have difficulty making up his mind? Cheers JMH
KC, you better start running, or pray that Neffi never visits this thread again... [*LOL again, but trying very hard not to ROTF*]
>>hzz. why? fuzzybear lady lion-lady is hide here from neffi-man? ambidexterous mean can insert either foot in mouth?
No hiding. Just enjoying the company of scruples. :)
(I wasn't threatening KC, I was pointing out that Neffi might threaten KC after reading his last comment.)
>>HAW! ummmm--name kc mean, "hzzzzz." not worry, scrup'ls know what you mean. scrup'ls not bargain basement in brain departments. bigfoot be dense sometime when try scrup'lese, though. like now. just lef out all "u" from "scrup'l" an almost post comment.
Oooh - JMH, way to pile on!! FuzzyBear Lioness, we can watch for Neffi from this nice perch on the wall over here. Careful, don't sit too near the edge, y'know how the guys like to look up our skirts !
Barb - we *have* cameras! Silly wench. Thermals, too, so *dark* doesn't help. How d'you think we first noticed WEre-Kitten's TP problem?
C'mon, John - do you Really want to discourage us from climbing the wall in skirts? Must be the dust from the RotoZip that's clogging your head ;-)
Has *anyone* volunteered to do the Beastiary yet?
Well, truth be told, we're trying to figure out how to open the Nudie Room, but SWWBO is displaying some resistance to the concept...
Walls have skirts, or are we referring to "skirting-boards"? Old house you know. And these thermals someone mentioned, updrafts I presume. But how can they be dark? Dust? And is that the sign then of the missing Roto-Zip? Which is scruple-less in its absence? Cheers JMH
>>hzz. t'ink bargain basement prolly like penthouse sweet, mean suite, compare where scr'ples find brain-matters heh
Ooh! Thermals! All must bow to Hung! If you have never lost a hand-launched glider, built by your own hand, designed by your own brain, out-of-sight overhead with *Several* minutes on the stopwatch, I do not wish to hear from you.