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Speaking of phosphor bronze...

JustThisGuy - ya mean, kinda like this?


What is that, a Lanchester?
mmmmmmmmmmm Lanchester... takes the Pattern 1907 bayonet, so it's a 'real' weapon ;)
And it has one, right down there lower left...
Hey! That last comment was number 6666... I wonder if that means the scruples will be by and cause trouble?
hzzz name sir bosco the blacke ... HEH Heh Heh!
Sigh. Thank you Sir.
John, couldn't you find one that wasn't broken like that? [slaps on steel pot}
Sorry, Neffi, a helmet won't save you from that one. Yer crime is far too heinous and atrocious to deserve a quick decent merciful death. A short virtual burst in the tummy for you, sir, and remember how Alex Hamilton died!
ooooh someone's tetchy tonight ;). Virtual bursts have no chance against my actual Budweiser-enhanced tummy, JTG.... and I believe Hamilton had a pistol in his hand when he was shot- [charges bolt on MP-40] Bring it on, Buckie... oh look, an eagle!!! hehehehe
Hamilton didn't believe it was really happening. Burr was serious, and *pissed*. I'll put my scrawniness up against yer tummy any day, Sir. Anyone who's studied wound ballistics the least little bit knows that the bullets don't start seriously tumbling until they've gone through 8" or so of one's soft pink body. I'm nowhere thicker than that as long as I face you squarely. (I drink only "lite" beer for just this reason.) Snork.
Neffi - aren't *you* the one who pointed out the pigsticker on that thing? Obviously, a new picture is called for tomorrow.
Hey, who's the maker on that P1907, John? I've got 'em all but Vickers. ...JTG, people who 'study ballistics' have never been shot- your scrawniness just means your intestines will fly that much further behind you, along with the shards of bone (ewww... and I'm having chili for dinner)
Neffi - You use shards of bone in chili? Ewww, indeed, unless they're long enough to use as toothpicks...
Neffi, in that case yer welcome to stand behind me when you shoot me from in front of me.
Chief, that's calcium fortified chili, available at select dineries (those missed by the Health Dept.) and street vendors near you...