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A moment of Militant Zen

Let's just hit it up with all 5 of the armed services this morning, eh?

First up, the Senior Service - The Army. You USAREUR vets will appreciate this one.

Members of the 1st Armored Division drive a M-1A Abrams tank through the Taunus Mountains north of Frankfurt during the READY CRUCIBLE exercise held 7-17 February 2005. This was the largest movement of American armored vehicles through German roads and farmland since the REFORGER exercises of the 1980's.

I did those last *HUGE* REFORGERS (REturn of FORces to GERmany) in the '80s.

Hi-res here.

Next up, the next in line for seniority (because the Navy painted itself into a corner) Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, the Marines, in a little Amphibious Assault Vehicle action...

Hi-res here.

Next in line, the Coast Guard. Yep. The Coasties. I chose this one because it's a homeland defense kinda thing, with the Coast Guard providing support to an FBI team. The Cox'n of the boat is a Kansan and the son of a loyal reader.

Don't have a higher resolution shot, sorry.

Okay. Now the Navy. And their new toy, the Sea Shadow.

Now, they want you to think that this ship represents all new thought... I think they're just recycling, myself.

Hi-res here.

Now, for the junior service... the Air Force. A little Eagle-action.

Hi-res here.

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Hi, this is off-topic, but how do I email you? I can't find contact info on your site (although I also can't see part of the left column for some reason). I tried john at and that didn't work.
Me, too. I tried to email you because I've been locked out of the comment party at SWWBO. I try to post and it says "You are not allowed to post comments."
Larry - your email bombed out for some reason... Glad to be of service. Beth (my wife, SWWBO) will be in New Orleans next week. I'd love pics from the museum if you can get them. I didn't have a camera with me when I went last year. Glad to have been of service! Cheers, John Fuzzy - mebbe oughta be working now?
I'm glad that the USN is busy sweeping MoonBat droppings of the San Francisco Bay, with an old Monitor non the less.
John, Actually the Sea Shadow is several years old. If you recall, one of the James Bond films had the villian using a stealth ship that looked just like the Shadow. The real latest toy for the Navy is the Sea Fighter, which was just placed in service. Here is a link to photos of it over at Strategy Page. As you can see, it is a scaled-down version of the Incat Australia ferry design that is being used in the Navy HSVs and Army TSVs
Re: the Navy recycling old Ideas. Please dial up the pic of the new DD(X) destroyers they will soon be putting in the water That hull looks like it was designed around 1880!
Hey all you pilots out there.... Anyone ever piloted an A-10? If you have, Bitchy Betty says "Hi!" and "altitude....altitude....altitude....altitude"
Then she oughta be sayin', "Pull Up! Pull Up! Pull Up!"
74 - in comparison to some hulls afloat and in commission, she's brand-spanking new!
Actually the Sea Fighter is an interesting choice. also known as the X Craft it has just been launched and is a joint expereiment with the NAvy and the USCG. The XO and 10 out of the 26 member crew ARE USCG. Check the article at
John/AFSister- Actually, she says both...but only twice (any more and you're probably dead anyway...or deserve to be). ...and, uh, John? That's a Mudhen, not an Eagle (note Wing designator (Seymour-Johnson; F-15Es); cockpit population (additional body to be cooked and eaten in a survival situation); conformal tanks (needed to overcome drag from all the shite they carry). Heh.
Well, I'd snark about artillery stuff... M109A2 v M109A3... so I guess you can snark me 'bout airframes... AFSis's interest is because she has *met* Bitchin' Betty. Literally. The woman who provided the voice.
Dusty- Bitchy Betty says HI! hehhehee She's a friend of mine at church and loves hearing stories from the A-10 pilots. She's also a previous Miss Ohio....just to let you know.
Bitchin' Betty, eh? I wonder who they got to do the voices for the B-58, and if she's still with us? On another note, I also wonder if the female warning voice works as well for gal pilots? Offhand, I would say yes, because you only hear it in a fixin-to-die situation, where you're just about to yell Momma! anyway.
Wait until you see the Navy's new wind powered designs...very low heat signature...and talk about using a proven technology!
Let me tell you, Friedberg GE is mighty cold in February! That pic borought tear to my eye, tanks!