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>>alertness hy-umuns.

>>all your data are belong to us. also all your stats. name cthulhu booger, get scrup'l butt offa photoshop. scrup'ls have not tail like thing live in oubliette pless.


HAH! GOTCHA! [*click.thump.clang*] Okay, now where'd the other three get to? Heh--chocolate scruple-prints...
Neener neener neener nee- Can't catch me! 'Round the castle halls I run; NOTHING can stop were-kitten from having fun! ziiip! She's gone again, folks....
>>nice holodeck wet lady with oddball t-shirt more confused than name scout. nursery rhyme contest lives at white fur lady who is blonde now pless. give chok'lit now, plizz.
*opening the feedcover of the M84 Heavy Automatic Chocolate Cherry Thrower, clentching unlit ceegar in jaws, steel pot pulled low over eyes, peering out past sandbags - Scene in black and white, ala "Sands Of Iwo Jima"* Awwlright, you sneaky little bast*rds, leave noseprints on MY Browning, willya? Come and get it, you little son's o' Kirby dust-rabbits! *Double-pumping retracting slide lock lever* I'am waitin' for youse!
ALRIGHT!!!! Sarge is double pumping while chewing on a ceegar and hunkering down! WOO-HOOOOOO! purr purr purr
>>excusing, owner of jarhead man nice pless. jarhead man has chambered lit see-gar into ma deuce. give cookie now, plizz?
>>nice holodeck wet lady that gives chok'lit to scrup'ls hello. pose, plizz? name scout expanding portfolio to include diff'r'nt species other than hy-umun. [*ducking*] [*scampering*] [*giggling like afsis prepping for a date with ben affleck*]
Ben Affleck? Change that to Vin Diesel and it's a deal. Ben's cute, but too much of a whimpy pretty boy. Give me XXX any day of the week! *note to self: thought bubbles are not supposed to be said out loud*
That there BZ must be some good stuff.
You should *know* JTG - all this exists in your mind... nowhere else...
>>hzzz. all in mind there. minds here long since di-di mau. >>hzz. woder what 33 on label ment. urp.
What mind?
namescout has been deceived. Somebody obviously swapped labels on his bottles. I think I detect "LaRue" poisoning. Have heard that stuff is worse than too much Jaegermeister, whose dreaded effects I've seen.
It occurs to me that for many readers, JTG's continued references to BS might be a bit confusing. Here - this won't help, but you'll have new words in your vocabulary...
None of that there Theory of Mind, please. Cartesian Dualism was exploded when R. D'C. was alive, by one of his female correspondents. I'm just a deranged solipsist organic AI running weird wetware, m'self.
Kewl, John, and thanx! Structural formulas, even! "Birdlike flapping of arms"...yum! Reminds me of a story about a guy who tried some Jimson Weed....
*sighting in... backing down chamber pressure and chocolet temp if someone other that a scruple wants to be doused* Sorry, ya little dust-bunny! Somebody sleezier than THIS ever luvin' Jarhead did the ceegar insertion thang! C'mon, stick yer head up, ya little fuzzies!
Ooh! Ooh! H. Beam Piper reference... yesssss!
To get serious for a bit, the story I read (sorry, don't remember where) had it that BZ was invented by one of those earnest Chemical Corps types who thought it was better to befuddle one's enemies than to blow them up or shoot them. I think the guy was so enthusiastic that he tested it on himself, and had to have somebody follow him around with a mattress, so to speak, for several days, because he could fall over at any time. I have heard it turned mean Balkan types into weeping (literal) tree-huggers a while back. Maybe the guy had been watching "Things to Come", wherein the United Airmen (led by Raymond Massie) dispense the "Gas of Peace" to solve all of the world's problems. Oh, and there was another movie on the subject. I forget the name, but it had Eddie Albert as the enthusiastic Chemical Corps Colonel and Elliot Gould as the volunteer PFC guinea pig for the wild ideas. Albert: See! What did I tellya! Perfect war chemical! You were totally useless for 3 days, and now yer fine! Gould: Erbl. Tlididididoo. Um, yessir!
Piper! OH yeah. Say, what was the name of that gal Lord Kalvan married? I forget. I think Poul Anderson's daughter bears that name.
Why am I not surprised that John is a Piper fan? never met anyone who read SF and wore the uniform that wasn't ;-) I always felt H. Beam Piper would have made a HELL of a career officer. He would have been 40 in 1944. Probably would have ended the war commanding a division.
Nah, it's Greg Bear's daughter, Rylla. (whose Mom is Poul's daughter)
Oh, on the Hunter Thompson thing: Some thought it was rude of him to make all that splatter for others to clean up. Let alone the mental strain on yer friends who find you. I know. Had an uncle who used the Hemingway method. Piper was considerate enought to put down drop cloths before eating the Colt.
Yay Piper! I allus thought the scruples were just Fuzzies gone bad. (Have you given them any titanium-laced scruple-chow?) I credit Piper with firmly placing the recipe for black powder in my brain, AND letting me impress my boss with my instant understanding of how titanium sublimation pumps work. (Hermaphroditic metal, indeed! "Under the right conditions, it will bond to anything.") Got me reading military history, too. I also adored him for having the balls to be a male, Golden Age SF writer with intelligent, capable women characters in his stories. Very rare!
Well, well, well. Isn't this a cozy party... Ok, who was Verkan Vall's wife?
Hear, Hear! I actually read Piper only after reading "Fuzzy Odyssey", which was cute - but the original stories were much better!
Piper also had the good taste to turn off the utilities, too.
Dalla. Also known as "The second stick of the same brand of dynamite." Next!
My first Piper experience came when I was quite small, when I read "Omnilingual" in an anthology. I was, what, eight? Made a very strong impression. Have been careful to have a P. Table somewhere nearby ever since.
Gordie Dickinson.
Okay, BCR - Hishan Galth...
Hadron Dalla
Favorite Piper Short Story- "Ministry of Disturbance" Favorite Novel-"The Cosmic Computer" I 've long wondered why Jerry Pournelle did not just continue Piper's Future Terran History (which he had permission to do)instead of striking out on his own. The work he has turned out is so Piper-like (Mote in God's Eye, Janissaries, The Falkenburg Cycle, etc. ) as to be virtual pastiches on the Master anyway. "Mote", "Jannisaries, , the Falkenburg stories, as written, could, with only a bit of editorial tweaking, have been adapted easily to Piper's universe and would have been likely been improved thereby.
LSP - 'Twould be hard to improve "Jannisaries," but a small dose of Piperization might just do the trick.
BTW - thanks to name muffy and friends for the assist with image gathering! Cookies for all scruples :-)
>>hzzzz. and also hzzzzz. nice barb lady find amusement pic for barb lady pless. scrup'ls thank for cookies and now go to ground before jarhead man chase with bowie knofe. try to be apologetics about calamari--thought jarhead man *like* squid. maybe too many dances-on-ships when not allowed to lead?
I have read Larry Niven and have a small library of SF. One quarter of my basement is the library. It is lined with bookshelves and comfortable chairs and a table at which I indoctrinate the Child Labor Units in the mysteries of math and grammar. I can't curl up with a nice Palm Pilot and prefer books. So, maybe John will add a booklist to the sidebar? Please? Hm?