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Gratuitous Gun Pic

Maine National Guard... firing their M198's at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

Howitzers are shrouded in their own smoke during an early August fire mission at the Canadian Forceís Camp Gagetown in New Brunswick. Maineís 1st Battalion, 152nd Field Artillery was conducting its two weeks of annual training at the post as it has for most summers beginning in 1971. US Army photo by Master Sgt. Bob Haskell August 18, 2003.

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It was impressive watching them roll onto the Base each summer; and the HMMMV line-ups at Tim Horton's. Why visit Gagetown? From the south end of the Camp to the northern impact areas is 50+KM, and the impact areas are spread 30KM wide. Cheers JMH
It's about time we opened fire on the Canadians and showed them who's boss!
Right, Beck! FYI, the Gunners arrive for their shoots during our Block Leave period. So really, it was quite safe for them. Cheers JMH
The way the Donnovan's text is written, it could easily be taken to mean that they were shelling the base, rather than using the range there. :-D
Well, they are shelling the base. It may be the impact area, but they are shelling CFB Gagetown!
You mean we've finally launched the invasion of Candia? About time!
Candia? Would that be Candia, in Crete; or Candia in New Hampshire? Cheers JMH
I know of at least one Canadian militia Artillery regiment that returns the favour: 49th Fd, RCA trains and shoots at various times at Camp Grayling(MANG) in Michigan. Last time I checked, they were using the C3 105mm Howitzer.
Well... as long as the holes we punch in your dirt are bigger than the holes you punch in out dirt... okay. 8^P
Generally speaking, we have engineers for punching holes in dirt, and moving the same. Our gunners, to a lesser or greater extent, are expected to hit targets (or somewhere in the area thereof). Cheers JMH
I have a boyfriend that lives on the base in Gagetown,His name is Alan Hogan. If you know him can you let me know.