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Speaking of remodeling houses...

...since there seem to be several bloggers in the throes of that as we are at Castle Argghhh!. I wonder, if I can either rebuild the current Castle Argghhh! or find a new one of sufficient size, if the SWWBO, Mistress of Argghhh! will allow me this for furniture...

This is the "Organ of Muskets" at Springfield Armory - this is how muskets were stored after build/rebuild awaiting issue. I want. I want. Too bad it's the only surviving one, so I can't have it.


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The Museum of the Royal Arsenal in Copenhagen, Denmark, used to (might still) have a section of one the floors of it's 17th century arsenal building that still had rack upon rack of old rifles. Along with all the other gear, as if it was ready for a regiment to walk in and pick it up. Very cool. The rest of museum is way fun if you like military hardware too. fRed
You gun loving pervert.
Piffle! I toured the Pattern Room (two floors). And had a look through the Library. (Snicker) Cheers JMH
I've been to the Pattern Room, too. I've also been through both floors of the Springfield Armory museum. What's yer point? Where is Canada's equivalent, he asked with a superciliously curled lip? And FSD - I've added the Royal Arsenal at Copenhagen to the list of places to visit (I have a couple of their products in the Collection) Right up there with the Belgian military museum in Brussels and the HeeresGesichtliches Museum in Austria! I guess while I'm putting in the wish list, I still need to get to Bovington and St Cyr, too. That doesn't even begin to touch on the Russian museums! Calliope - that's the nicest thing anyone has typed to me all day!
If you really want a bigger house, mine, 4800 sf plus basement and coach house, will be going on the market sometime this year. The first carloads of stuff will get hauled to our other place, with only 12 rooms, this weekend.
Well, sadly, while Beth might be able to manage it, since she's been traveling almost exclusively, it would be a bit of a commute for me!
Well, there's Vimy House in Ottawa. It houses the big toys which don't fit in the Natioal War Museum downtown. As for small arms, there is the collection in Fort Frederic at the Royal Military college in Kingston; it is the collection of presentation pieces given to President Porfirio Dias of Mexico, lots of glitter. \ Cheers JMH
Ha! Tricked you into revealing secrets! Now I have a list of places to go to. Did Mexico give that stuff back, or what?