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Scary Gun Pic o' the Day

Yesterday was a light blogging day. There were chores to do in the Household of the Imperial Armorer and Armorerette. Vet visit to keep the Exterior Guard™ in fighting trim. Pictured here is the Guard Captain training his new Scout.

Wonderwife™ v3.x's computer had serious virii problems stemming from the visit home last week of Good Kid™. Good Kid™ is now known unofficially as PCW™* for blowing up WonderWife's™ machine. Recovery operations here are nearly complete, with minimal overall damage, except the destruction of a day in my life.

Wonderwife™ also had many Coupons of Clever Parasitism™ from Shaitan's Department Store™, (Kohl's) which had to be redeemed before expiration. This required the printing of $123.00 in Imperial Scrip so as to ensure the $90 of Marketing Tool™ didn't meet a Fate Worse Than Death™, i.e., Expiry Without Redemption™ (Hmmm, didn't Martin Luther gripe about that, what with that indulgences thing?) As the Imperial Armorer scored a new Omelette Pan of Creamy Goodness™, this was okay. Then, attendance was required at our favorite local eating and imbibing establishment, the Barry Road Outback, where everyone does know our name, and our drinks are waiting for us by the time we get to the bar. Much good conversation ensued with our pals behind the bar, who make the girls of Coyote Ugly look like hags - before the first drink! And sometimes the Proprietor, Roger, will spring for a drink, and Once in a Blue Moon™, dinner!

Oh, I was posting a gun pic, wasn't I? Okay, here 'tis.

On the extreme left, are the butts of three SMG's. Anyone wants to try to ID them from butt alone - go for it. I'll announce any successful answers and the prize is, if yer ever in the area, we'll go punch holes in paper with bangsticks from the Arsenal.

From the top in the middle area, STEN MkV, STEN Mk III with T-stock, and STEN Mk II with loop stock. On the right, a MAT 49 and a PPSh 41, with stick mag. I also have the drum mag, but vary the display on occasion.

All of these are DEWATS, Standard Disclaimer™ and Goblin Warning™ apply. Where the Armorer lives, DEWATS are acceptable. Were the Armorer to move 2 miles east, across the river, these could be live and legal. The Armorer couldn't afford them if they were live and legal, but the point is they COULD be. Of course, the Armorer can't afford some of them anyway!There are other reasons (revolving around taxes and LARGE SPRAWLING URBAN YUPPYVILLE) that keeps the Armorer on this side of the river.

Up high in the pic (on the shelf above) are an array of gunner's quadrants and trench periscopes (on which more on a later day). Hiding just above the bottom of the window on the right is a cut-away mosin-nagant M91 action.



Is that REALLY a PPSh41 in the middle right? The absence of a drum magazine has me a bit confused, but if it IS... DROOL!!!
The PPSh41 normally had a drum but they also had "stick" magazines. The early ones were not very good and fed badly but then the soviets increased the thickness of the stamped metal and the troubles went away. The three that are off the edge I remember the bottom one looking like a bergmann(sic) but the other two escape me. They were nicely shown in the Grenade photos a days ago. Thanks for the MAT 49 shot. I had heard the front magazine well folded but had never seen a photo of it done.
Good on ya Gunner! Partial credit. The one on the bottom is the Lanchester, based on the Bergmann. And Yes, Yer Highness, Sire - dats a PPSh41. I'll get a picture of it with the drum. Next to the Suomi with a drum!
When Good Kid® returns the Armorial camera, I'll get some stand-alones for you two.
Suomi!!! Love those Finns.
So what was the other two. The photo does not show them well in the grenade shot.
The other two, from the top, Beretta M38 and Erma.
Darn. i thought it was a berreta, but did not see the magazine sticking out of the bottom. The Erma I have read almost nothing about.
Well, heck, I'll give ya some more partial credit, Gunner! Here's some help: ERMA MP I'll let ya run from there!