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January 04, 2007

Taking time out from hanging around public lavatories...

...looking to score - George Michael is soliciting me for investment help!

Happy New Year my dear,

I know that you will be surprise reading from unknown person but all I will like you to understand is that, God have already bless you and your entire family in this 2007 through this proposal. In a brief introduction, my name is George Michael. My intention of contacting you is to help me handle the investment of 12.6 million usd that I inherited from my late father, which he deposited in the bank before his sudden death. Urgently confirm your willingness to help me handle the investment of this money with honesty, without betraying my trust in you.

I will be waiting for your reply as you finish reading this message with your direct telephone number to enable me call you immediately and furnish you with more details, upon my confirmation of your willingness to assist me.

Best Regards,
George Michael

Maggie - I gave him your number... 8^P

Comments on Taking time out from hanging around public lavatories...
Maggie briefed on January 4, 2007 09:21 AM

If only I could spare the time from all my hard work managing the assets of the late Mr. Nhfdgfgg of Ethiopia.

Actually, the con artist, fake George Michael skeeves me less than the real, perv George Michael.

Cricket briefed on January 4, 2007 01:23 PM

Uh, Mr. Michael, there was a reason why Pops put that money beyond you. It is because you are an idiot. And why, the sudden death? Hhhmmmm?

If I have blessings it is because I worked for them and didn't try to rip anyone off from some dumba** email that has gone through more variations than Madonna.

Lastly, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Have a Happy New Year chiseling away at Fort Knox.

BillT briefed on January 4, 2007 11:19 PM

Dr Frank Welison
Dear Sir/Madam
I am applying to invest in your country. I hope that we can do this major business together? I will be very grateful if you will be ready to receive my investment capital to invest in a long-term business that is viable, profitable and durable, that is directly under your control or any business that you may deem fit.And also inform me a better information on investment value that will be driven by climate change related to.
1 Taxation and Regulation
2 Technology Innovation
3 Shfits in Consumers Sentments

I am Dr Frank from Australia, Due to some little problem my father had with the government in my country when he is alive i left to Spain to conclude arrangement with my dads lawyer All the arrgement between us is to be written by my dads lawyer here in Spain. Hoping to receive your positive response on how to move this investment forward. On your reply you should let me know what plans you have for my investment capital worth some dollars currently in a safe deposit with a bank in Spain I will arrange for a business meeting with you to finalize the areas of your investment and financial disbursement.
My capital for investment is ready and I am willing to proceed as soon as I receive your response. You should also let me have some details about yourself and your business. I
will also be able to give you further details on my personal profile including contact details.
Due to email junks in the web today i prefer to give you the detail of the money involved when i recieve your mail.
Respectfully yours,

Good thing he went to Spain -- the climate change related to is much nicer there than in Australia. I figger we cut AFSis in on this -- she's pretty knollegelable about Shfits in Consumers Sentments...

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