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January 02, 2007

Mind in the Qatar

Since Trackbacks aren't working yet (still looking for a blog-mechanic!) MajChaz of Mind in the Qatar asked me to post these two gems... and today's H&I is already pretty long, so I'll put 'em up here.

Long Live Military History (Word!)

Long Live Military History

Saving a disappearing portion of Academia

A long important part of the study of history, has been the study of the subset of military history. It is incredibly important to understand both U.S. and global military history, as many significant events across time have involved and been driven by military influences of one form or another.

However in the increasingly leftward tilt of the ivory tower of higher education, military history is "...dead at many other top colleges and universities as well. Where it isn’t dead and buried, it’s either dying or under siege..." This according to John Miller in his National Review article "Sounding Taps" from earlier this fall.

Read that here.

And his suggestion we quit trying to fix the MSM, but simply supplant it.

Much has been made over the last couple of years (and especially in the last several months) about the major media's (aka main-stream media, drive-by media, or alien-media nation) inability to provide balanced news coverage about major events shaping our world....especially in Iraq.

Several times I suggested that a "Good News Hour" would do wonders to combat all the negative reporting, and possibly avoid a decline in public opinion on Iraq. Unfortunately we have turned that corner, and can only now hope to regain ground. Truth and good news still have a place in our media environment.

Perhaps as Glenn Reynolds suggests, the Davids born of the blogosphere could produce an adequate alternative. The Alternative Media Network (AMN) if you will. In my mind, a lot of the ingredients for the recipe are already in place....

Start with some hearty 'Army of Davids' stock, add heaping cup of Pajamas Media ingenuity, mix in a bushel each of Bill Roggio's and Milbloggers, and finish with a dash of Paul Harvey.

Read the rest of that, here.

With trackbacks hosed, don't be shy about asking for links. They may not all make it - but hey - it makes life easier sometimes when the Muse is on vacation.

Comments on Mind in the Qatar
ry briefed on January 2, 2007 03:12 PM

Oooooooh. I feel a blog fight coming on between you guys and Mark Grimsely( who went ballistic over the J-Mill article and says its a good thing that gender studies is applying itself to mil-hist.

John of Argghhh! briefed on January 2, 2007 04:11 PM

That the study of military history can make use of new tools and outlooks isn't a bad thing.

The bad thing is the banishment of it altogether, it's marginalization, or demand that it conform to PC norms. That is my issue. Not that someone wants to expand it or look at things through a different lens.

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