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December 15, 2006

H&I* Fires, 15 DEC 2006

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British soldiers continue to prove their individual value and skill, despite (or perhaps because of) a government and leadership class that throughout history has treated them shabbily. Which is still, on the balance, better than going the German way.

The outstanding bravery of British troops who fought some of the fiercest battles in the last 50 years was recognised with scores of medals for gallantry yesterday.

Among the 134 personnel honoured was Pte Michelle Norris, 19, the first woman to receive the Military Cross, after she saved the life of a soldier while under sniper fire in Iraq.

The Parachute Regiment's 3 Bn also experienced one of its greatest days for awards after it was announced that the battalion had received a Victoria Cross, George Cross and 11 other medals for bravery.

Cpl Bryan Budd was the first posthumous recipient of the VC in 24 years after an act of "supreme courage" in which he saved the lives of his men by making a lone charge, while wounded, against a Taliban ambush.

Cpl Mark Wright became the first member of the Parachute Regiment to receive the George Cross in three decades after rescuing seven colleagues who had strayed into a minefield. He died of his wounds.

Read the rest here - H/t, CAPT H.

Follow-up on the Whatziss... Rick got it right early on, when he said 7.9x94, but he wasn't sure what kind of round, or whose it was. But he got the caliber right. Trias dropped in with his AP assertion, which was also correct. KC Steve weighed and promptly ran down a caliber rathole, and tried to have it both ways with AP or anti-aircraft. CAPT H jumped on Rick's bandwagon. I think MajMike was in the ballpark, though the Kurz confused me. Anyway - more info is available here, at Small Arms Review. You guys are getting better at this!

Then there's this - a discussion of Rules of Engagement over in Iraq - that includes soldiers in Iraq. Go visit Herschel Smith at The Captain's Journal for more. -the Armorer


Through CAPT H via Damian Penny of Daimnation, we find that MacLean's (the TIME of Canada) has designated the Canadian Soldier as the "Newsmaker of the Year". -the Armorer


Oh, did you know this place is... idiosyncratic? Really. Say's so here, where we got linked by The Oregonian. While we love the attention, -10 for spelling! H/t, Flag Gazer. -the Armorer


You can help wounded Marines get Home for the Holidays.

The Marines have Hobbits?! Cassandra has the details. - FbL


I figger if John can post about screwing, I can post some PANDA PRON! "it's the sounds of breeding that stimulates them", the researcher said. This new revelation, and the fact that Panda's are about the size and weight of a stick of butter when they're born just reaffirms my desire to be reincarned as a Panda in my next life. ~AFSister

*A term of art from the artillery. Harassment and Interdiction Fires.

Back in the day, when you could just kill people and break things without a note from a lawyer, they were pre-planned, but to the enemy, random, fires at known gathering points, road junctions, Main Supply Routes, assembly areas, etc - to keep the bad guy nervous that the world around him might start exploding at any minute.

Not really relevant to today's operating environment, right? But, it *is*

The UAVs we fly over Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for targets of opportunity are a form of H&I fires, if you really want to parse it finely. We just have better sensors and fire control now.

I call the post that because it's random things posted by me and people I've given posting privileges to. It's also an open trackback, so if (Don Surber uses it this way a lot) someone has a post they're proud of, but it really isn't either Castle kind of stuff, or topical to a particular post, I've basically given blanket permission to use that post for that purpose. Another term of art that might be appropriate is "Free Fire Zone".

Comments on H&I* Fires, 15 DEC 2006
Mike Lehnherr briefed on December 15, 2006 09:35 AM

I delivered The Oregonian when I was a kid. To give you a time frame, the biggest headline I remember is Malcolm X Assassinated. Back then, it was just a "rag", not a liberal, left-wing rag. Oh for the days of Governor Tom McCall and his "don't CALIFORNICATE Oregon" campaign. Alas, life was so much simpler then. Stick to your idiosyncracies, big guy. ML

ry briefed on December 15, 2006 12:53 PM

Idiosyncratic? I wonder how much idio(t) I bring to this idiosyncrisity?
I know the words are similar, but wouldn't ecclectic be more true of the Castle?

MajMike briefed on December 15, 2006 01:53 PM

Hobbits to the fore!

battlefield intel collection and analysis at its finest...

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