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December 13, 2006

Heh. I wondered when they would show up.

On the memorial post for PFC McGinnis we found a troll-bomb, left in the usual fashion, anonymously.

IP Address:
Name: olfi
Email Address:


One more poor gay who died for the lies of George W. Bush, Donald
Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and company.
America, wake up!

Ry, who crossed the threshold soon after and stepped in the troll-flop first, answered with:

'poor gay who...' Wow. That's pretty random. How do you know the guy was gay? Rather immaterial to the heroism of the guy.

It's just to bad we only find out about these guys, people we should know, posthumously. Guys like this should be the rolemodels for kids in school, gay or not, rather than Allen Iverson or 50 Cent.

There is no greater sacrifice than laying one's life down for the sake of another. McGinnis has done that in an exponential fashion(going to Iraq and protecting his fellows).

So, what have YOU done today, olfi, other than whine?

Well said, Ry.

Now, when I read it, my spidey-sense tingled. Just something about it said... German.

I think "gay" is a typo, but I could be wrong. But the IP maps to Telefonica Deutschland, in Verl (not that Olfi is necessarily in Verl, my IP maps to Roadrunner in Virginia).

I'm guessing that Olfi is not, nor has he been, a member of the Bundeswehr contingent in Afghanistan. Otherwise he'd know that PFC McGinnis didn't die for any political abstraction or personage.

He died so his buddies would live, pure and simple. That's the way it is, where the rubber meets the road.

As exemplified by the actions of Technical Sergeant Arizona Harris, Engineer and top turret gunner of the B-17 Sons of Fury, as described in Donald Miller's book Masters of the Air:

Harris met his end on the way back from St. Nazaire on January 3, 1943. Sgt. P.D. Small, a tail gunner in another of the 306th's [Bombardment Group] bombers, observed Harris's final minutes. Small saw four white parachutes snap open just before Sons of Fury hit the water. The gunners who remained on the ship must have gone to the radio room, the safest place to be in a crash. But two guns were still blazing, Harris's twin .50s. Then Sons of Fury made a perfect belly landing in the freezing waters of the Bay of Biscay. As sheets of white water rolled over the wings and the plane began to drop out of sight, the top turret guns were still spitting flame "as fast as the feeding arms would pull the shells into the guns." Arizona Harris was trying to protect the pilot and copilot, who were in the water and under fire from Fw 190's, "the steel gray sea boiling under the rain of bullets." Harris must have felt the winter water fill his turret and climb to where it began to cut off his breath, yet he kept firing until the sea swallowed the hot muzzles of his guns."

Or any of those soldiers, Marines, and sailors I listed in the McGinnis post.

Rare is the soldier who dies in combat for his politics. His politics might have gotten him to the battlefield, but they rarely get him through a fight. So, on a memorial post, keep your politics to yourself. If you have nothing good to say, then say exactly that - nothing.

You want to send me an email, or leave a comment on the H&I Fires post - that's entirely appropriate. But don't walk into the church and fling poop during the service, so to speak. That's just childish.

I'm sure that Olfi felt that he was sadly compelled to note that the sacrifice was in vain, and he was simply doing his duty to point it out to those of us blinded by a slavish devotion to the evil Bushitler. And sorrowfully surfed away, knowing he had done what had to be done, and done so manfully! Taking full accountability for his actions. Well, except for that leaving no legit contact data because, well, someone might send him a note or something that wasn't, oh, laudatory. Feh. I *never* leave unsigned comments, anywhere. If I'm not willing to accept the feedback, then I'm not going to leave the comment. Whatever your motivations, Olfi, you're a coward.

Which just makes it all the more bemusing that he closes his comment (which I have elided from the memorial post, as I will all comments like that on a memorial post) with an ethereal remnant of Germany's Nazi past, where "Germany Wake Up!" was an electoral rallying cry of the Nazis. You might better recognize it as "Deutschland Erwache!" and it graced the banners of Nazi standards... An unfortunate turn of phrase for a tut-tutting German.

Comments on Heh. I wondered when they would show up.
fdcol63 briefed on December 13, 2006 09:16 AM

I think "olfi" is probably closer to Munich. LOL

Damian briefed on December 13, 2006 10:28 AM

A righteous spanking, John. Well said.

AFSister briefed on December 13, 2006 02:02 PM

"don't walk into the church and fling poop during the service"

words to live by.... if you're a troll.

Thanks for taking him to the mat, John.

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