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November 12, 2006

Project Valour-IT - thank you!

United Blogs Achieve Victory!!!!

Mission Accomplished. Jointly.

We did it! And man, the Sea Services outdid themselves this round!

Well done all, especially Cassandra and her Marines, and Curt's generosity in turning the firehose to the laggards once he'd established who was really the Big Dog this time. The Army and Air Force played the supporting role in the campaign!

For you book buyers - we have to get the books to Mr. Weisskopf for signature, then we'll get them to you. For you Cluebat winners, half of 'em will get sent out on Monday, the others will have to be made, so will probably go out the end of the week.

For the Gnome Home buyers - those are making their way up here from New Zealand, and will get sent to you when they arrive!

Well done, everybody! That's 280 or so laptops for wounded warriors.

By the way - if you'd still like to give - use the button below and help our Air Force bretheren reach their goal. Might as well pay it forward!

Comments on Project Valour-IT - thank you!
Cassandra briefed on November 12, 2006 06:19 PM

I love it! I'll link tomorrow morning when I recover from watching the E-girls try to twist my man Clinton Portis' head off and then break his hand.

cw4(ret)billt briefed on November 13, 2006 06:43 AM

Heh! About 1993 or so, we taped two TOW missile tubes (empty) to a couple of minigun mounts on a OH-6 for the 4th of July parade, then stuck it on a low-boy ("underslung flatbed" for the non-uniformed folks, "*mmmuhh* traaayyy-lurrr" for the Marines). I went along to make sure the telephone / 'lectric wires didn't snag on the rotor hub (I had a wooden T-pole and wore rubber boots -- just in case).

Comments from the crowd ranged from, "Wow! An Apache!" to "It's that bomber-helicopter they used in the Gulf War!"

Coulda used Cricket to provide the hip-pocket ordnance classes -- "No, dear, it's just the pilots being silly"...