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November 06, 2006

Of interest to Kansas Voters. The rest of you just keep scrolling...

You've all seen the TV ad run by the Morrison campaign about my husband Bryan Brown (Phill Kline's Consumer Protection Chief with the twelve arrests). The ad intentionally withholds explanation of those arrests, and it's come to our attention that one newspaper even printed that Bryan is a convicted felon, which is an absolute lie. I'm sending this e-mail out to friends and family for clarification. This is a letter to the editor that Bryan submitted to newspapers across the state, but we don't know if it will get printed, and even if it does it may be edited down. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions. We welcome any opportunity to get the truth out about this, so please feel free to pass this information on to anyone interested. Love and Peace in Christ, Anne Brown

The Kansas AG race is really pretty ugly, with neither side having anything to be proud of. I've offered Morrison's campaign a chance to respond to this and several other items (mostly relating to the sexual harrassment bit that SWWBO linked to) but have received no response. Anyway, here is the text of the letter.

I am Attorney General Phill Kline's Consumer Chief. I write in response to Paul Morrison's allegations.

Yes, I was arrested twelve times between 1988-1992. All were tangential to the peaceful efforts of the pro-life rescue movement. Most were for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and, along with hundreds of others, refusing to leave. Most of the charges were city ordinance violations, which are not even misdemeanors.

Yes, a lower federal court in Indiana did order me to pay $61,000 directly to an N.O.W. sponsored legal team fifteen years ago. The injunction-winning abortionist attempted collection at first, but after the legal basis for the judgment was overturned by the United States Supreme Court all efforts were abandoned. That overturned judgment has been uncollectable for many years.

Yes, I have led a team effort to reform the Consumer Protection Division. Over the past years the division engaged in many investigations that were not proper under the law. The actions were, in a word, unconstitutional. While Team Kline has set records on the filing of enforcement actions and on educational efforts, Team Kline has stopped investigating complaints that contain no allegation of consumer fraud. Those who believe that government agencies should be tightly managed to do only that which is authorized will find the reforms of Team Kline inspiring. Those who believe that the “nanny state” should address every consumer complaint (regardless of merit) will find Team Kline's reforms quite disturbing. I encourage all taxpayers to read about Team Kline's reforms at .

Ironies abound in this election season. Here are four of my favorites:

#1. Paul Morrison has spent $200, 000 in a bid to paint me as a criminal for actions I took at the same time that he was (allegedly) sexually harassing Kelly Summerlin. Yet he claims his case is too stale to be relevant.

#2. Many of my arrests ended in not guilty verdicts as a result of my pre-law school constitutional arguments. A few were settled against no contest pleas. A few were dismissed. Only one resulted in a conviction. Yet District Attorney Paul Morrison cries foul when the merits of a sexual harassment case he lost at the summary judgment stage are discussed.

#3. I am widely criticized for not respecting city ordinances enough due to my arrests. But when I post a report demonstrating that former AG Stovall (whose tobacco litigation reveals the degree to which she valued cronyism over justice) was operating her Consumer Division in a manifestly unconstitutional manner, I am criticized for taking state law too seriously.

#4. My pro-life arrests were a byproduct of my Christian values. Those were formed as I followed the lead of a good many Catholics and Catholic clergy, including Bishops. For those loiterings and trespasses I am roundly criticized by Paul Morrison -- who claims to be a leader in the Catholic Church while striking a Faustian bargain with the abortion industry to become the next Attorney General of Kansas.

I hope these ironies are not lost on the good people of Kansas

Bryan J. Brown

H/t, Jim C.

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