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November 02, 2006

H&I* Fires 2 NOV 2006

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Embracing your inner Klingon. Speaking of that, back in the day, a different organization embraced *their* inner Klingon..

The Catholic Church didn't always duck the issue of pedophile priests - at least not back in the day...

"A cleric or monk who seduces youths or young boys or is found kissing or in any other impure situations is to be publicly flogged and lose his tonsure. When his hair has been shorn, his face is to be foully besmeared with spit and he is to be bound in iron chains. For six months he will languish in prison-like confinement and on three days of each week shall fast on barley bread in the evening. After this he will spend another six months under the custodial care of a spiritual elder, remaining in a segregated cell, giving himself to manual work and prayer, subject to vigils and prayers. He may go for walks but always under the custodial care of two spiritual brethren, and he shall never again associate with youths in private conversation nor in counseling them."

--Rule for the Benedictine Monastery of Compludo (11th century)

Go visit Fumare and see how it could have been... worse. H/t, Jim C. -the Armorer


New Toys for Redlegs! Whee! 2/11th FA fields the new M777. H/t, Bernd.

So, Kerry apologizes... sorta, but not really. I think his inner child was speaking when he, erm, mis-spoke.

From the Washington Times:  "No matter whose idea it was for Mr. Kerry to retreat [from the hustings], said one delighted Republican on Capitol Hill, "He's cutting and running from the campaign trail, after learning he was for his comments before he was against them." Oh, and the apology? The typical drivel I expect from the Junior Senator from Massachusetts - "I'm sorry you dolts were too stupid to get me." -the Armorer


Ralph Peters on Iraq in USAT. Food for thought. I've got to admit, Maliki's knuckling to al-Sadr certainly makes things look like Ralph describes. Sigh.

Hope is dwindling

Iraq is failing. No honest observer can conclude otherwise. Even six months ago, there was hope. Now the chances for a democratic, unified Iraq are dwindling fast. The country's prime minister has thrown in his lot with al-Sadr, our mortal enemy. He has his eye on the future, and he's betting that we won't last. The police are less accountable than they were under Saddam. Our extensive investment in Iraqi law enforcement only produced death squads. Government ministers loot the country to strengthen their own factions. Even Iraq's elections — a worthy experiment — further divided Iraq along confessional and ethnic lines. Iraq still exists on the maps, but in reality it's gone. Only a military coup — which might come in the next few years — could hold the artificial country together.

-the Armorer


You have no idea how hard it was to keep Jean Fraud out of the post below. But Sergeant Lindsey deserved better. -the Armorer


Jay Leno on the elections: "Halloween is the scariest day of the year – unless you’re a Republican, then it’s next Tuesday." H/t, Jim C. -the Armorer


OK. Political Correctness has just gone WAY too far when a police chief can be forced to resign after issuing a memo encouraging his officers to get in shape by asking them "Are You A Jelly Belly?", and ESPNU football announcer Brian Kinchen gets suspended for saying "that's kinda gay" after saying that receivers needed tender hands to caress the ball.

WTF? This world is just WAY to sensitive for me these days. Grow up and grow a set. JEEZ. ~AFSis


Given my relative lack of interest in fish - this is one thing you can't blame on me! -the Armorer


*A term of art from the artillery. Harassment and Interdiction Fires.

Back in the day, when you could just kill people and break things without a note from a lawyer, they were pre-planned, but to the enemy, random, fires at known gathering points, road junctions, Main Supply Routes, assembly areas, etc - to keep the bad guy nervous that the world around him might start exploding at any minute.

Not really relevant to today's operating environment, right? But, it *is*

The UAVs we fly over Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for targets of opportunity are a form of H&I fires, if you really want to parse it finely. We just have better sensors and fire control now.

I call the post that because it's random things posted by me and people I've given posting privileges to. It's also an open trackback, so if (Don Surber uses it this way a lot) someone has a post they're proud of, but it really isn't either Castle kind of stuff, or topical to a particular post, I've basically given blanket permission to use that post for that purpose. Another term of art that might be appropriate is "Free Fire Zone".

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