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October 28, 2006

Guest post by Denizen Ry.

BloodSpite has something up that’s near and dear to gollum’s heart: Border Issues . Two agents shoot a known border crasher smuggling drugs, wounding and not killing him, and get 20 years each.

That’s not what I’d like to hear. Sure, they messed up and picked up their brass and didn’t file the proper paperwork, but 20 years? For wounding a border crashing drug dealer who seemed to be brandishing a gun? But this drug dealing border crasher seems to have gotten nothing in the way of punishment.

I’m not quite with BlSp or Michele Malkin on this. The ICE agents screwed up royal. They hid evidence and broke the law themselves. There are penalties for behaving in such a manner. Don’t go all cowboy on us and forget there are rules and procedures that ensure nobody goes super nutty down there. I’m sure that this incident and sentencing sends a message loud and clear to all ICE personnel: actually do your job in relation to securing the border and we’ll see you in court. Just like cops in Oakland, CA won’t report an illegal alien driving without a license caught at a sobriety checkpoint because of action by the ACLU.

Might as well rename the country Workland, accept that all we are is a place for people to come work, get citizenship of whatever country will take us, and give up all pretensions of being a nation if that’s how we’re going to play it.

There is an upside to it. It proves this country treats everyone equally. One of the agents’ surnames is Ramos. He’s Hispanic. We treat everyone the same here in the US. We treat everyone like chit, but at least it’s equally chitty.


Another Malkin bit that has me scratching my head. Put on the Web a fake passport generator good enough to get thru the security check point and draw federal heat? Well duh.

One of the reasons I’m in trouble around here ["Here" refers to where Ry surfs the internet gets his employment checks from. Around the Castle Ry only gets in trouble for excessive ankle-biting, whacking his spoon on his high chair when he wants attention, and teaching the zombies how to play hockey. Rotting body parts all over. Ick -the Armorer] is a series of renegade experiments I did two and three years back that ate up a bunch of budget for use of instrumentation. I decided I wanted to look at something and then tell DHS about my results. They were not only non-plussed about it but my contact called The Wife directly and told her I’d better stop or someone would make me a visit from men driving a ‘fleet car’ with gov’t plates. I stopped. She threatened to make me sleep on the couch. I also got into serious trouble when Miss Thang noticed that certain stocks were a lot less than they should’ve been.

‘They’ don’t like us doing things ‘off the reservation’. There’s a bias against us ‘amateurs’, however smart and innovative and well meaning we may be, doing stuff without ‘their’ knowing about it first and with ‘their’ okay. That’s the way the game is played. If you can’t play by those rules then you shouldn’t play. Sure, it’s stupid and inefficient. But they’ve got the power to throw your sorry butt in jail. So play by their rules as they’re the ones who have to take responsibility for terror attacks. [I would also note that while gov't is not known for innovation and risk-taking, as Ry notes, they are *also* the ones who have to clean up the mess if you screw up while conducting your experiments... it colors their thinking. As someone who spent time in the "cleaning up after other people's evil actions/honest mistakes, I can see in that window, so to speak. It isn't *always* benign/malevolent paternalism. Just often enough to be a real PITA. -the Armorer]

Posting this on the Web was an extremely stupid thing to do. Why not just hand terrorists the keys to the city while you’re at it? I got a lot of respect for the Hoosier who came up with the concept, but the dude totally screwed up in fighting red tape by posting it on the Web for everyone and anyone to get at it.

I’m a pariah in academe because I want access restrictions on certain journals and types of data. It’s just not smart to have it open to anyone and everyone when there’s a non-insignificant group of the global population who’ll take said info and weaponize it. We can live with the slowdown of discovery that restricted access will cause.

Lots of people are torqued over the NYT divulging the SWIFT program and the NSA wiretap program. It was handing info to the enemy. What this guy did by posting his generator on the web is worse. It’s handing tools to the enemy. The guy who did this is brilliant and yet stupid at the same time. I hope he does get credit for this. I also hope he learns not to go renegade again.