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October 27, 2006

Corporal Unger's Funeral.

This will be up top until after the funeral today.

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David came home with a motorcycle escort from the Patriot Guard.

Subject: Funeral for CPL David Unger

CPL David Unger, a Leavenworth Soldier, was killed in action October 17, 2006 in Iraq near Baghdad. We join with his family in mourning his loss.

Visitation will be at the Leavenworth High School from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM today (Thursday). The high school is located at 2012 10th Avenue, Leavenworth. Friends may call from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Beldon-Sexton-Sumpter Funeral Chapel.

The funeral services will be held at the Fort Leavenworth Main Post Chapel with burial following at the Ft Leavenworth National Cemetery. The funeral will begin at 10:00 AM.

Due to parking limitations at the Fort Chapel the Provost Marshall has requested attendees consolidate transportation. Parking is available in downtown Leavenworth at 4th and Cherokee Streets. Be there at 8:30 AM to join the funeral procession going to Ft Leavenworth. The procession will not have to stop at the gate. Otherwise, try to use vehicles with a Post Decal to expedite entry into the fort. Once on the fort you are welcome to join with the Patriot Guard Avenue of Flags or the Avenue of Hats outside the Chapel.

The Patriot Guard will have an Avenue of Flags on 10th Avenue today.

The Reverend Fred Phelps from Topeka is planning his usual fiasco to disrupt the services. He will not be allowed on the school grounds and will be prevented from entering Ft Leavenworth. He will be restricted to the sidewalks at the school. The Patriot Guard will ensure he does not disrupt the services at the high school.

From the Garrison Commander today:


“Corporal David Unger, a Leavenworth native, gave the ultimate sacrifice last week when he lost his life in Iraq as a result of an IED explosion. His funeral will be Friday morning at 1000 at the Fort Leavenworth Main Post Chapel.

The Fort Leavenworth community, to include military, civilians and family members, is invited to pay tribute to Corporal Unger as his funeral procession proceeds from the Main Gate, up Grant Avenue and left on Pope Avenue to the chapel. If you would like to participate in this tribute, please bring in your American flag and join the Fort Leavenworth community in lining up on Grant Avenue at 0930 as Corporal Unger's procession passes by.

The Armorer will act as your representative as the cortege passes by the lakes, flag and all.

If you're in the area - feel free to come and join us. (Seriously - I've got a post-decaled vehicle and a place to park - I'll be happy to bring two or three people with me if you are interested.)

Update: Corporal Unger was in the same graduating class as our son Andy. They held the wake at the high school this afternoon, which is across the street from Castle Argghhh! As referenced above, the Patriot Guard was present to do their usual job of screening Phelp's Whelps from the grieving family. I'm proud to say that no one on our block would allow the Demon-spawn from Topeka to stand on their private property, which ended up pushing the weasel-begotten well south. Apologies rendered to weasels, who are just true to their nature. SWWBO, standing in for the Denizens, took up a Patriot Guard flag and stood watch as the wake progressed. Many friends and acquaintances were present, as were most of the High Folk of the community. This is small town 'Murica, honoring one of it's own. I, sadly, was being a dutiful corporate drone doing war work. I will do my bit tomorrow.

Then, I will join what I expect will be the throng on the Fort, as Corporal Unger goes to stand his Last Post.

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