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October 16, 2006

Connecting dots...

First, a picture, courtesy of Haji-o-matic, who comments from the 'Stan.

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Note the Urban Combat uniform...

Finally, an article to tie it all together...

Now it's Bra-vo two zero By TOM NEWTON DUNN, Defence Editor October 10, 2006 ARMY commanders have secretly tested two GIRL troopers to see if they could join the SAS, The Sun can reveal.

The pair performed brilliantly, passing all the endurance tests on the Who Dares Wins unit’s notoriously gruelling selection course.

But they were pulled out at the last minute when top brass who expected them to FAIL realised they were about to SUCCEED.

It was decided the Army was not ready to face a row over dropping current rules which bar women from frontline combat service.

The Sun can also disclose that one of the two potential recruits was a British Asian Muslim — ideal for undercover SAS missions to combat al-Qaeda terrorism.

The soldier, who we will not name to protect her from attack, said: “We both proved we were just as good as any of the men on selection with us. I am confident we would have gone all the way.

“The problem was nobody in the Special Forces establishment thought we would get as far as we did. So they hadn’t thought through how to deal with that.

“It’s a shame because we were both very keen to serve our country at the highest level. And we could have done a good job.”

Read the rest here.

No comment, just postin'.

CAPT H went scouting, and found out where Haji-o-Matic does some of his surfing... or at least the source of the pic - Mitchell's Mausers. However, at $6,500 a copy, the Arsenal will not be adding one of these to the List.