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October 16, 2006


AFJ is, of course, the Armed Forces Journal, which has been transforming / morphing / re-inventing itself as a bridge between the dead tree media and the recycled 'lectron ones.

PJM is, aside from a type of mini rhododendron, the PeeJay Media, the modest alternative to Those Who Blog Nekkid.

AFJ's newest feature is "The Blogs of War," which allows Contributing Editor Chris Griffin to collect a modest financial remuneration for doing what the rest of us do for free.


Nice work, if you can get it. Such milblog luminaries as Blackfive, Greyhawk, the Bubbleheads, Armorgeddon and Cliopatra have suddenly become familiar to readers who don't normally do their surfing in such gritty neighborhoods.

Guess what? We made this month's cut...

Excerpted from "Revenge of the Staff Weenie":

One of the most widely read pieces of Iraq war humor so far is the "OIF Alphabet," a 26-slide PowerPoint file. The original was followed by "OIF Alphabet Part 2." Both can be downloaded from many milblogs. The original, for example, can be found at the Mudville Gazette's milblog archives [my note: yeah, the article spells out the url, but so far, spammers haven't figured a way to download from wood pulp] and Part 2 is available at Castle Argghh!
--Armed Forces Journal, October 2006, p. 64

Okay, so he left off an aitch. Considering that some of the Usual Suspects aren't all that consistent (and on a regular basis, too -- tsk!), I vote we let him slide on this one. Those of you with paper copies, hang on to 'em -- John will be doing autographs at the next MilBlogCon. Those of you hopelessly online will have to wait a few weeks -- AFJ's current 'lectronic offering is always the previous month's paper one (gotta bring in the money to pay the utilities, right?)...