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October 15, 2006

Dirty thieving weasels...

SWWBO just got off the phone.

Someone scored our debit card information and just ripped us for $360 - down in Mexico. Good on VISA, they caught it and killed the card - and we'll get reimbursed... but that's the billpaying account, and there are autopayments that will come due... which means we have to be fast with the credit union tomorrow getting things straight at *their* end, or there will be that endless roundelay of bounce, "not our fault," "we'll credit it," bounce, "not our fault," "we'll credit it," bounce, "not our fault," "we'll credit it," for a week or so as they try to get their records straight and we keep fighting fees and holding off creditors and having to send creditors letters about why it's not our fault... etc, etc, etc.

And then there's the dawning realization that until the credit union issues the new cards, and they get here (two weeks, easy, they're a small credit union), and they get activated... you're in a real spending flexibility hurt! I've almost forgotten how to write a check...

And can't forget the police report... sigh.