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October 12, 2006

Is this Fred Reed?

...or Fred Reed on crack? Of course, since he has chosen the Expat Way, and lives full-time in Mexico, his effective "ruler" is Senor Calderon - or will be, anyway.

Here's a cheery little excerpt:

A tribal rite in the column racket is the discovery of darkness in the hearts of presidents, or witlessness, and we discover away industriously. I have done my share. I thought Clinton a bright, libidinous lout, Jimmy Carter a moralizing cipher, Reagan a sort of Grandfather Barbie and, by contrast, Eisenhower a wise man hiding behind remarkable syntax. None was evil, or mad. Bush is something new in presidential politics, genuinely dangerous and genuinely out of control. The time is ripe for him. America no longer has the institutional defenses to say "no."

What would happen if a president just refused to go? To remove him, someone would have to act. Who? Little would be necessary to stop a coup, granted. A couple of helicopters of Marines landing across the street from the White House would be enough. The various federal police bully civilians well (ask Steve Hatfill), but would find fighting real men another thing. But who in the military would have the courage to do it?

The rest is here.

But Fred's right - the military wouldn't stop it - the soldiers will be too busy killing their officers to intervene.

Geez, Fred, what happened? Was the worm in the bottle diseased? Some bad avocado?