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October 12, 2006

I am not a meteorologist...

...nor do I play one on TV.

*puzzled frowns from the under-forty crowd*

However, I remember enough Meteorology 101 from Comanche County Cannon-Cockers' College ("Always launch a Davy Crockett rocket *with* the wind" and "If the tube is wet, it's raining") and Advanced Meteorology for Army Aviators ("Night air has less lift because all the fixed-wing drivers flying around during the day use it up" and "Helicopters don't fly. They vibrate so much that the earth rejects them") to have a pretty good batting average when it comes to weather-guessing.

Heh. I'm usually more accurate than the guy on the local Peacock Broadcasting Company affiliate, and *he* gets *paid* to do it.

Okay, I know it's an El Niño year -- which means a warmer and wetter than normal winter -- but I'm going out on a limb with the chainsaw and predict that this is gonna be Fimbulwinter I. Around here, anyway.

"Gee, Unca Bill, what makes you so *gollum* sure about that?"

Glad you asked, ry.

Everything that can produce berries around here is loaded with them. I'm up to my knees in acorn hulls (the squirrels are carb-loading). The pines have been launching cones since early June (and the tree rats have been eating *them*, too). Oh, yeah -- the tree rats aren't just building nests, they're building them up where the sun will hit them, they're building them close to the trunk and they're insulating the daylights out of them -- li'l bassets stole all the jute fibers out of KtLW's hanging planters ("It's All Your Fault, obviously, for hanging them up in the first place," saith KtLW). The hummingbirds skedaddled in mid-August instead of hanging around until the first of October. Even the resident flocks of Canada geese have headed south. Every Wooly Bear (as opposed to every FuzzyBear) I've found has been solid black. The blue jays have been going totally territorial a month early. And the clincher is

*drum roll*

the snow-blower wouldn't start. A %$#@! mouse used the air intake for a granary...

Hmmmmm -- this might be a tad more widespread than I figgered. Check out the pic of John busting caps with the Mosin-Nagant. His undercoat is growing in...