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October 10, 2006

Okay. I understand the feeling...

...really I do. I feel it myself. The ennui with Republican idiocy. I feel the tug of Not Voting For The Right, myself. I don't really want to vote Republican, but truly, in the absence of a Constructive Left, what choice is there? And remember - the Left is doing to the Right (pulling it leftward, absent a huge majority) exactly what we expect the Right (though they're pansies about it many times) to do to the Left when the Right is in the minority. Yeah, the Right has a majority at the moment, but it *isn't* a huge one... in that respect, the system is working as intended, like it or not. If the founders had *wanted* a 51% majority to be able to run completely roughshod over the opposition - they would have given us Parliament, not Congress. Lookit Britain - not what *I* want. So, I don't think the Allahpundit (vote straight Dem) or Malkin (don't vote) approach are Good Ideas. They are, to my eye, Bad Ideas. Any path that leads to Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are Bad Ideas.

Better a bunch of weak sister Righties in charge than Lefties. Now, if we could just find a way to make primary challenges to idiot incumbents competitive...

I had a post ready for this, but Bill Bennett says it better and more succinctly:

Okay, look. Now is the time for all good men—and women—to come to the aid of the party.

In 1960, Barry Goldwater famously shouted, "Grow Up Conservatives." It took 20 years for that call to be heeded, and we got the expanded, entrenched Welfare State, a disastrous & humiliating foreign policy in the meantime; and Ronald Reagan's presidency was about attempting to roll back those 20 years as much as moving forward on a positive agenda.

Look, if you want John Paul Stevens replaced on the Supreme Court with a carbon copy, pro-choice, pro-racial preferences Justice, stay home.

If you want Donald Rumsfeld hauled before Congress every week justifying the war rather than fighting it, stay home.

If you want spending to increase even above the levels you are unhappy with now, stay home.

If you want Henry Waxman holding hearings on every aspect of the administration's actions, stay home.

If you want to see the war in Iraq defunded to the point of withdrawal so that the worst elements in Iraq take over and a repeat of the helicopters-fleeing-Saigon-type-images come back all over again, signaling a decade-long disrespect and doubt of American power, stay home.

If you want to keep the border unsealed, stay home.

The stakes are large, we can't afford twenty years, we can't afford two years of this. If you want a change in your Congressional leadership, fine, wait until you have the election, then demand it, with a new GOP speaker and majority leader if you want...but let me tell you, a new minority leader and a new minority whip will not get you much, it won't get you anything.

Two years ago we sent a message by reelecting the President, have things fallen so hard since then that we can't muster those numbers again and see that the good should not be traded in for the bad? You want to rue a day? You will rue a day with John Conyers as head of the House Judiciary and Pat Leahy as head of the Senate Judiciary. Don't do it. Please don't do it.

For all of my career and beyond, I was never a registered member of any party, and never lived in a state where you could vote in a primary as an independent.

I'm finally going to have to declare a party - not because I really like the Republicans that much, but because I'm really farking tired of who the party picks for its candidates. I want some new blood. But I don't want new lefty blood. While we might send a middlin' Dem to the Congress, we'd *still* be creating Speaker Pelosi.

No thank you.

Stop the ACLU (and other's he links) agrees.

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