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October 08, 2006

Gunblogger Rendezvous

Good times! I'll have more during the week - but let's cut to the chase.

The shooting.

First off - SWWBO shoots her first 5.56mm carbine - Say Uncle's rifle.

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While I don't have a pic of her target - her group at 25 yards would fit inside an Eisenhower silver dollar.

The Armorer got to shoot many rifles yesterday. Smallest Minority's M1 Garand (a 1943 Springfield, Danish return), with which the Armorer was able to keep his groups within the black at 25 meters firing rapid fire, and was pinging a spinning target at 425 yards (iron sights). Okay, that was after two clips to get the feel. Hey, 49 year old eyes, iron sights, at that range - I'm happy.

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This is the Armorer blazing away with Rivrdog's 1945 dated Soviet M44 carbine - shooting battle sights, bayonet extended, supported.

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This is the Armorer's 100 meter target - 11 rounds, fired in two minutes, open sights, supported - all in the black. The Armorer thinks that's credible shooting for a blind fat guy shooting an $84 rifle with old milsurp ammo. Why 11? That's what I had left, natch.

Speaking of cheap milsurp ammo... there are some risks. Even with what otherwise looks like clean ammo. Lookit the case rupture on this copper-washed steelcase combloc fodder.

More later and during the week. Breakfast, and later, the airport, calls.