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October 06, 2006

Gunblogger Rendevous, con't

Wake up in Leavenworth, have breakfast in Phoenix, and lunch at Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe. Gotta lurve the marvels of modern transportation!

Best.Margarita.Ever at Gar Wood's in Carnelian Bay. Gonna hafta find some agave nectar for CastleRitas.

Snow, slush, rain, sun, breeze, brisk temps, the smell of a pine forest - what's not to like?

We've met Mr. Completely, Rivrdog, and a blogger I'm kicking myself to remember - I think it's Conservative UAW Guy... whose guns got lost by the airline yesterday but were recovered and delivered at 1AM this morning. The Circus-Circus has been great to work with (and I would note that the facility here is really rather nicer than their property down in Las Vegas). They did ask if we'd store our firearms in the rooms rather than in their rather-too-small for this group facility in the office. But they have been gracious hosts.

Rivrdog brought three cases of Oregon microbrews for us to knock down...

Much discussion of beer and brown spirits. This might be a verrrrrrrrrry interesting crowd to spend a day at the range with. Very different crowd, so far, from a milblogger meet! More characters, if that can be believed...

SWWBO is asleep at the moment, dragging from not having slept last night worrying about all the things that could go wrong (she worries, so I don't have to- good thing, too - because she's going to worry whether or not I do), the altitude, and walking around at altitude.

I made the mistake of checking my work email... and that generated... work. D-oh! More to follow after I get the incriminating pictures taken and delete any taken of me...