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October 02, 2006

On the keeping of secrets

CAPT H points us to Don Sensing - pointing out an artilleryman who can't resist publishing classified information. For shame, Don!*

Of course, it *is* a disease, seemingly. Mebbe it's contaminated spinach or something.. I had to divert my eyes last night as Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes blithely tossed up a slide marked "Secret" as a part of their Woodward interview.

Where I work, we have signs up that say cute things like "Clearance + Need To Know = Access." The Press has decided that Need To Know, as determined by their wants, needs, and ratings desires, trumps Any Other Consideration. Their definition, btw, is not quite how *we* go about classifying information. However, I'm beginning to agree with the Press. I think that all Pentagon and Coalition meetings should have Press presence *and* be put on C-Span, with a special subscriber feed for People In Remote Caves Hiding From Bombs, and all documents sent out as spam emails to whoever wishes to read them.

Heck, I should start up a new blog, completely anonymous of course - spoofing Instanpundit IPs - (no, wait - Kos's!), and just start posting all the Secret and heck, why stop there, Top Secret stuff I've been trusted with through the years up through today and on to tomorrow.

Because apparently, it's, well, like it's okay to do this, judging from all the prosecutions and investigations I see. I just can't *sell* it. To Israel or the Russians. *That* will get you put in jail.

Heh. I don't even talk work with SWWBO, because I can't keep what's classified from what isn't - so it's all in generalities. Technically, right now, saying that I do sometimes classified work is a technical no-no. How ironic if I get canned for that... vice what hasn't happened to boatloads of other people who've done far worse.

All I know is - if this were the world that Representatives Murtha and Pelosi, or Michael Moore or Markos Zuniga *say* it is, or becoming, Bob Woodward and Mike Wallace, and the production crews, and Woodward's publisher would be on their way to the Gulag, to work as drones on Katrina Clean-up crews, while living under tattered canvas, eating only what food they could scavenge for themselves in a savage wilderness. And randomly, one a day would be fed feet first into an industrial chipper, pour le encouragement les autrés.

Oh, wait - that's *my* fantasy. Actually, it isn't that, either. IIRC, it was Saddam's reality. Except for the Katrina clean up part, in case a dazed Kossack, or better yet, DU'er stumbles in from a Technorati search or something, and accuses me of dissing Saddam, because Katrina wasn't his fault and Bush is worse than Saddam and Hurricanes are all Bush's fault (and we Red Staters, too - because if Algore hadn't had the election stolen, Katrina wouldn't have happened...). Okay. I'll stop. I'm out of control, now.

*For the clueless or humorless, I do know Don's stuff is parody - which is why it was a good lead-in for The Rest Of The Post.