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October 02, 2006

I know it's mean...

...but, frankly, this headline cheered me up.

8 killed in Hamas-Fatah fighting in Gaza.

The fighting continued throughout the day and sent schoolchildren and other civilians in downtown Gaza City fleeing for cover.

"This is forbidden in Islam, we are in the holy month of Ramadan," said Majed Badawi, 33, who managed to escape after his car was caught in the crossfire. "It's a shame on Hamas, who call themselves real Muslims, and a shame of Fatah as well. Why are they fighting and over what? We are victims because of both of them."

C'mon, Majed - we both know the only people who are supposed to honor the tenet of not fighting during Ramadan... are infidels. We're just supposed to submit or take it in the neck.

Amongst yourselves... well, the rulez appear to be rather different.

Sorry that you live in interesting times over there at the moment - but until people like you, Mr. Badawi, make those other chuckleheads match deeds to words... you're in for more interesting times.

Your problem is internal. Fix it.