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September 29, 2006

Girl Scouts to Cav Scouts.

CJ of A Soldier's Perspective sends:

Can you hook a brother up? I'm in the final week of taking orders for Girl Scout cookies to send overseas to 2 Marine units. This is my second year doing this. Last year we shipped over 100 boxes to Army units in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our goal this year is 200. We've already gotten orders for 60 boxes in just over a week. Would you mention this on your site for anyone that would like to help send GS cookies? I would greatly appreciate it.

I will gladly hook a brother up. Click here, people. That's an order!

Update: CJ sends a clarifier...

Thank you mucho. The more the merrier to get involved. If we get enough cookies to go around, I have six Marine units I can send cookies to. Just make sure everyone knows that the cookies only cost $3.50 per box. The extra money is to pay for shipping and boxes (the flat rate doesn't hold much unless we take them out of the box...bad idea). If there is enough money left over, we'll just add purchase more boxes. I don't want to give anyone the idea that I'm selling Girl Scout cookies for $5.