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September 26, 2006

Slaying memes, with malice.

So, I find this in my inbox...

Thank you ry :)

I will have to look those up. The Armorer IS a worthless putz, is he not???

From this comment thread.

Ah, the luvverly Cassandra.

Which generated this response, from He Who Should Know Better:

Not so sure about the worthless part, but I'm leaning toward agreement on the putz part. Split the difference? Putz of some worth?;)(flees in terror)

Which generated a response of my own, but that's not important right now.

So. Ya really wanna know what's in the "frequently played" list in the Armorer's Windows Media Player (at work, when trying to not be interrupted, is when I do most of my listening to music)?


Johnny Cash's cover of Nine-Inch-Nail's "Hurt".

And this:

1. The Irish Volunteer
2. Boys That Wore Green
3. Opinions Of Paddy Magee
4. The Boys Of The Irish Brigade
5. Paddy's Lament
6. The Irish Volunteer (Nr. 2)
7. My Fathers Gun
8. Meagher Is Leading The Irish Brigade
9. Free And Green
10. The Harp Of Old Erin & Banner Of Star
11. The List Of Generals
12. Pat Murphy Of Meaghers's Brigade

From this CD.

My favorites are, in no particular order, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9. Okay, there *is* an order, but only of convenience, not preference.

If you'd like to see the lyrics, click here.

I'm not that much into music designed for dancing, or, more accurately, spastic gyration. I like songs that tell stories. I disagree with Don McLean - July 16, 1981 is the Day The Music Died.

And Al Stewart needs to produce some new stuff, rather than just live on his stuff from the 80's... what, me selfish?

That is all.