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September 12, 2006

I lurve you guys! But...

Looky what an anonymous Castle reader sent the Armorer...

Empress Little Girl the First with a new addition to the Artillery Park of Argghhh!!!

No, not the Empress, who has reigned at the Castle for 14 years. No, not the Throne, that's a February addition to the Library of Argghhh!!! - the replica (but shootable) black powder mortar.

We are very grateful to the anonymous donor! But... if anyone is thinking about sending a post-1898 cartridge firearm to the Castle, do please check with me, so that proper paperwork and legal niceties can be observed! And make sure any and all ordnance items that were once capable of self-powered flight, or had any significant chemical (or radiological, heh) energy components - don't.

The Armorer loves surprises. But not explosive or rocket-powered ones.

If I've seemed a bit distracted of late, there's a reason. The press of business and life. Need proof?

This is how far behind on my reading I am. I would note, for those who accuse me of blind neoconism (heh), the list (which is listing...) is probably a touch more eclectic than you would expect. Just sayin'.

Oh, and if someone has a nice hunk of oak from which to make a bed for the mortar... well, you can send *that* along, no problem!