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September 04, 2006

Ah-nuld for President.

No, I'm not a fan, frankly. Of Ah-nuld. Well, I liked his movies. Governor? No brief, for or against. I don't live there, but I can only assume he's an improvement on his predecessor. Which wasn't a high bar to clear.

Rammer supports Dean. Fine. Xrlq weighs in. The subject? Amending the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens the right to run for President. Do I have a dog in this fight? Well, oddly enough, I have a Naturalization Certificate (which is a real pain in the butt because I always have to trot out the physical document come security clearance update time). Yep, I'm a naturalized citizen. It doesn't work that way any more - kids born overseas to US parents aren't required to be Naturalized, but we once did. Now you get a Certificate of Citizenship, if I read things correctly Here's the rulez as the exist now. I *can* be President! Well, as long as no one popular or competent is running, anyway. See? Mebbe you don't want us Naturalized types to be eligible...

I say, throw it out there, and if people want to run with it, fine, we can debate it. But I don't think the people are gonna run with it. But the discussions in the comments at Dean's and Xlrq's places are interesting.