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September 01, 2006

Gee, I miss the Uniform sometimes...

McFalane's Military AF SPECOPS

Heh. As I sit here, in my cube farm (featureless and unlovely except for the McFarlane's Military action figures ((oh, all right, dolls)) atop my bookholderthingy) haphazardly ensconced in a (badly) converted barracks (these buildings were designed to actually be reasonably cool in the summer before artificial refrigeration became popular - but when you remove all those features so the sun pounds on the bricks, lock the windows, put in walls where none were intended and then wedge in an improperly designed central air afterthought that doesn't cool that well, but, I digress) on the oldest continuously active Fort west of the Mississippi (which is really ironic, as it was supposed to be on the *east* bank of the Missouri river... vice where the good Colonel actually put it ((which was a good decision, actually - the east bank was a foetid swamp back in the day - now it's just... Missouri, but I redundant myself)) surrounded by mostly contractors and a few GS civilians too cheap to take vacation today (aside: What do I miss most at this moment from hanging up the Uniform? Training Holidays!) I find that I have time to, oddly enough, answer Denizenne Cricket's Question:

A 'Flat Daddy?' Good helk. I knew someone in the Army would go around the twist and now it happened. We didn't have them when I was a young bride and I don't see why these women have to be wet nursed through a dedployment. No sir! We said "Flibbertyfloo!" and drove on. [This wasn't the question, I just like the word "Flibbertyfloo!" and wanted it on *my* blog - no reason Cassie should get all the fun, dammit! The question comes next]

In your peregrinations around the web, oh Princess, might I make a request of you?

About thirty or so years ago there was this film...had monks chanting about the shape of the earth, a chicky boo in a disco having a milkshake made in her head and it started with ping pong balls.

Could you hunt that puppy down?

Posted by: Cricket at September 1, 2006 10:46 AM

She asked it over in Cassie's Coffee Snorter, which, even if you read it earlier from my link above, you should go recheck because the comments are a hoot... Oh, yeah - Why Man Creates. And it was 38 years ago, geez, off by almost a quarter!

You're welcome. And of course, now I want to see it. Why? How could I not, after this?

Germ: I'm a germ, I'm a bug. I'm a germ, I'm a bug. [sees a foot] Germ: Louis Pasteur! I'm not a germ, I'm not a bug. I'm not a germ, I'm not a bug.

Now *that's* good humor!

Oh - and the above is why I'm *never* going to get published as more than a blog post buried in someone else's book... I cannot *resist* an aside...