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August 29, 2006

Baby Pictures!

From Publicola, mind you - so you can guess what kind of baby... about 8.5 inches or so and 30 ounces. Werekitty! Sit! Stay!

hey y'all,

I picked this up last weekend. I had ordered it in April. Not crazy about the wait time but it seems to have been worth it.

Witness Elite Match. 4.75" barrel, 33 ounces empty, single action w/ over travel stop, extended mag release, adjustable sights (windage & elevation) & two tone finish w/ rubber grips. Mine is in 10mm. The magazine holds 15 rounds. & it's a steel frame.

It's got polygonal rifling which I'm no fan of but they didn't offer conventional rifling as an option. I may get a replacement barrel for it one day. I'm also thinking about switching out the rubber grips for some nicely figured wood, but I'll see how it shoots before I make up my mind. I'm not crazy about the two tone finish either. I mean it looks nice & all but I might make it a nice matte black all the way around in the next few weeks.

& no I haven't made it to the range yet. I'll try to do a range report on it when I get a chance. Just wanted to share a peek with y'all.

take care,


Publicola's Witness Elite Match in 10mm

Larger pics available here, here (note his reading material), and here.

Feel free to send in your baby pictures, too!